Author Peter V. Brett Takes Your Questions

Many of you probably already know Peter V. Brett and his debut novel The Warded Man (US)/ The Painted Man (UK). It’s a great book and I highly recommend it. This weekend, Peter has agreed to come to our forum and answer YOUR questions about his book and its coming sequel, The Desert Spear. If you have questions for Peter V. Brett, please join us HERE and post your questions by this Saturday, May 16th. (You’ll have to be registered to ask questions, but registration takes maybe fifteen seconds, and you won’t need to register to read anything.) If you’d like to jump straight to Peter’s homepage, it’s HERE. And of course, the obligatory Amazon link  (for Amazon UK click HERE). And thank you to Peter for agreeing to come by!

3 thoughts on “Author Peter V. Brett Takes Your Questions

  1. alexburns says:

    hello is there going to be another kylar stern book please reply

  2. gregory says:

    hi my name is gregory krikoriantz and i love your books i have read them 4 times and enjoy them alot. please right another kylar stern book. p s awesome book keep righting u rock

  3. Zake says:

    I really want more of the ka kari and kylar stern what’s up it’s been ten years bro

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