The Night Angel Trilogy

Release dates for the Night Angel Trilogy:

The Way of Shadows (Oct 1 US, Oct 2 UK)

Shadow’s Edge (Oct 28 US, Nov 6 UK)

Beyond the Shadows (Nov 25 US, Dec 4 UK)

There are no firm street dates, so if you’re dying for the next book, some stores may stock the titles up to a week early. Borders in several parts of the U.S. has done so.

The Science Fiction Book Club just bought the rights to publish an 3-in-1 hardcover omnibus edition! It will be entitled Night Angel: A Trilogy. Publication date and more details, including cover art once I get permission.

The Night Angel Trilogy will be published in English (Orbit US, Orbit UK), French (Bragelonne), German (Blanvalet), and Dutch (Mynx).

55 Responses to “The Night Angel Trilogy”

  1. Chris Frazzelle

    hey Mr Brent. im in the military and i stumbled upon the Way Of Shadows book when i was on duty and ill tell you it was the best book i have ever read! it sucked me in to the story and the characters were awsome!!! i stayed up the whole night and didnt even realize it and that has never happened. i bought the other two and so far, im on Shadows Edge. i really like this one too and i just cant put it down! im really looking forward to reading the last one and i hope that a movie could be made from these stories. im also looking into reading the new one that is coming out! i appreciate the work you put into these stories and thank you!

  2. Ash Idris

    Mr Brent, Amazing books, i tend to spend hours at the bookstore usually reading the first chapter of many books before my purchase, i like the grammar and language to be at a certain level and when i picked the Way of Shadoes up i couldn’t put it down, I literally completes the trilogy in a fortnight! Absolutely brilliant!

  3. Alex Semple

    I first found these books on the internet by pure chance. I hadn’t found anything good to read in ages. I read the blurb and I ordered them right away. When I first got the way of the shadows I went and ordered the other two. I have read my set over 20 times easily. I absolutely love these books. I wish they made movies out of these books. Also I hope you write a follow up series to these books. Following Kylar and Vi. You are in my top 5 authors. I liked the plot and how well it was thought out. There was so much going on in it that I don’t think I could ever get bored of them. Please, PLEase PLEASE write a follow up series. I’m not sure if i’m the only one but the more I read books the more attached I get to the characters and I want to read more about them. I love reading though. I have never had many friends so books have always been a great way to spend time. Please don’t ever stop writing.

  4. Jeremy C

    I discovered this book series shortly after becoming a fan of the Assassin’s creed games. So when I discovered you first novel (The Way Of The Shadow), it immediately garbed my attention. What I found inside, shocked me and excited me beyond belief. Inside the pages was an adventure no one could have possibly predicted, and no one could anticipate before reading. Instead of finding a creed, I found myself entrenched in the dirty world of a corrupt kingdom and behind the eyes of a boy looking up to a hero of the streets with his own shady past. I found myself turning page after page, way into the night and morning before I could even realize what time it was. One shocking turn after another I read in awe, that was Kyler and Durzo’s journey. I loved this series so much that once the final page was turned in Beyond the Shadow, I started the first book again because I just couldn’t let the story end. When I find a book that grabs me as powerfully as this did, I quite often want them in hard cover. I searched and searched, hoping to find them but sadly came to realize that one had never been published. I realize now that you have a hard covered omnibus book, combining all three into a single book. Please consider creating a hard cover version of each so I can add it to my collection of hard covers sitting on my shelf.


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