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Fan Art Tuesday: Salomé Bisson

Motion design student Salomé Bisson (who is studying in France) created this awesome trailer for Way of Shadows:

Here’s a translation of the text:

Pour Azoth survivre est une lutte de tous les instants
For Azoth survival is an every day struggle (battle)

Son seul espoir,
His only hope,

la voie des ombres,
the way of shadows

en devenant l’apprenti
by becoming the apprentice

du maitre assassin
of the master assassin

Durzo Blint

You can see more of Salomé’s work on their YouTube page.

$1.99 e-Book

If you have recently purchased a handy-dandy e-Reader, and you’re not yet in trouble with your bank, parents, or significant other for your impulse purchases — boy do I have a deal for you!

Today The Way of Shadows e-book is available for $1.99.  This is a limited time offer, available only in the United States for 24 hours, this Thursday only.

Impulses, rejoice!

Go here, here, here, or here to buy the e-book.

Spanish Cover!

I am delighted to reveal the cover for the Spanish language edition of The Way of Shadows. El camino de las sombras will be released in Spain September 10th, and will be available in other Spanish-language markets (including in the United States) on December 7. Check out the goodies below!

The release of Book Two, Al filo de las sombras, is scheduled for November 19th, 2010. The release of Book Three, Más allá de las sombras, is scheduled for early February 2011. These release dates are for Spain only.

Spanish language cover
(click to enlarge)

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