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Digital Graphic Novel Sampler

A big thank-you to Barnes & Noble, who are making their exclusive The Way of Shadows graphic novel sampler available FREE to everyone via digital download. So if you couldn’t make it in to a Barnes & Noble this past weekend to grab the admittedly-cooler physical version, you can still get your copy HERE. (The download link for the PDF is right below the cover image.)


Speculate Podcast Part 2



The second half of the two-part Speculate Podcast is now live! Go HERE to listen to Brent, Peter V. Brett, Brad Beaulieu, and Gregory A. Wilson discuss what’s unique about graphic novels, giving up control, and the process of adaptation.

Graphic Novel Collaborators: Introducing Andy MacDonald and Ivan Brandon

As we’ve been releasing character sketches from the upcoming The Way of Shadows graphic novel, I’ve been working with two very talented artists on the script and illustrations. The process has been fun and more than a little creatively and intellectually challenging, but I’ve been consistently impressed by the caliber of their work, so I wanted to share a little more about them–and maybe lead you to some other projects you’ll enjoy:

Ivan BrandonIVAN BRANDON writes for a number of different entertainment mediums, among them film, animation and video games. He is arguably best known for his work in American comic books, where his scripts have been published by every major US publisher with translations all over the world.  He lives in New York City. You can follow Ivan on twitter via @IvanBrandon.


andy-bio-grey00ANDY MACDONALD is a veteran comic book artist who has worked with virtually every major comic book publishing house and was one of the co-creator’s of the series NYC Mech. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.  You can follow him on twitter via @andymacdeez.

 Here’s some illustrations Andy did for the graphic novel Zoo, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. (Click to embiggen)

Pages from Zoo_gn_FINAL

Pages from Zoo_gn_FINAL-2

And HERE’s a little project he did for fun with Marvel characters re-envisioned as high-fashion models.

New Character Sketches


We have brand new character sketches to share with you! Go HERE to see them and to get details on a special gift from Yen Press for Night Angel fans who attend Comic-Con this year.

Last Monday’s sketch of Elene:


New Character Sketches and Comic-Con Announcement


Go to the Brent Weeks Facebook page, HERE, to see the latest sketches of two major Night Angel characters.

And for those  fans of the Brent Weeks Facebook page who are attending San Diego Comic-Con next week, Yen Press has a special exclusive gift for Night Angel fans.

Be sure to “like” the page for details!


New Graphic Novel Character Sketch!


We have a new character sketch for you! Go HERE to check out the latest release and to guess who it is. Below are some of the sketches we’ve already posted:

King Aleine Gunder IX and Brant Agon:


Duke Regnus Gyre, Lady Catrinna Gyre, and Logan Gyre:
Gyre family

More Graphic Novel Characters

Over on my Facebook page, Orbit/Yen Press have released two more character sketches. Go HERE to see them. (All sketches will appear here on a one-week delay, but because there were no sketches released last Wednesday, today you get nuthin’.) I suggest you read the amusing DGLA post below this one. 😉

The Way of Shadows Graphic Novel Character Sketches


Over at the Brent Weeks Facebook page, we’re rolling out new sketches of Night Angel characters each week — and letting you guess who they are. (For a number of good reasons, Brent’s publisher has chosen to reveal these on Facebook first, but for those of you who don’t do Facebook, we’ll be posting all the sketches here at a one-week delay.)

Go HERE to check out the newest sketches! And “like” the page to stay up-to-date on this and other Brent Weeks news.

Here’s last week’s sketch of Doll Girl & Jarl:

Night Angel 1