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El Ojo Fragmentado Publishes TODAY

El Ojo Fragmentado, the Spanish edition of The Broken Eye, publishes today! To order, go HERE.


And because he does his best to connect with fans, you can also watch Brent pitch the book in Spanish (he doesn’t speak Spanish).

And in case it was hard to understand Brent, you can also check out the first two chapters of El Ojo Fragmentado at the Fantifica website.

For regular updates on all of Brent’s work in Spanish, “Like” his Brent Weeks Oficial en Español Facebook page and check out his Spanish language website, Los Mundos de Brent Weeks.

Moin–or Hola–Europa!

Besides being of at least 1/16th German extraction, I’ve got another reason to love the country – they have lots of fantasy fans! And now I’ve got a killer interview with sci-fi/fantasy German webzine Zauberspiegel. So if you speak German, or even feel vaguely Teutonic during Oktoberfest, come on over here! For those of you non-German speakers, my interviewer, Horst Hermann von Allworden, has graciously provided an English translation here as well!

Oh wait, that’s me talking in English–it just sounds like English run through Google translate and back again. Which reminds me of a classic (possibly apocryphal) example of a phrase run unsuccessfully through the translation grinder:

The vodka is strong, but the meat is rotten!

(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

And on to Spain, land of Cervantes, whom I have it on good authority Random House Mondadori actually rejected. (Okay, I made that up.) Mondadori has just released the 2nd book in the Night Angel Trilogy! (W00t!) To get a copy of Al Filo de Las Sombras in Spain, click here. To just check out my Spanish-as-in-Spain webpage, go here.

New (Spanish) Website!

Spanish language cover
(click to enlarge)

In Spain, they tell me, el asasino perfecto no tiene amigos, sino objectivos.

Thanks to the hard work of our friends in Spain at Random House Mondadori, we’ve got a fantastic new Spanish-language website! It’s got something for everyone: a quiz competition for a FREE copy of the second book (coming out November 19th!), a place for reviews & comments, a count-down clock to the release of Al Filo De La Sombras, and links to a Spanish “Weekipedia”!!

As you astute readers might have guessed, the Weekipedia is a spot for Spanish-speakers to indulge their love the Night Angel Trilogy by sharing with factoids on characters, places, and events in the Night Angel universe!

Plus, you can get a peek at the new cover of soon-to-be-released Al Filo De La  Sombras.

(To us Spanish-speaking-ignoramuses, that’s The Shadow’s Edge.)

Spanish Cover!

I am delighted to reveal the cover for the Spanish language edition of The Way of Shadows. El camino de las sombras will be released in Spain September 10th, and will be available in other Spanish-language markets (including in the United States) on December 7. Check out the goodies below!

The release of Book Two, Al filo de las sombras, is scheduled for November 19th, 2010. The release of Book Three, Más allá de las sombras, is scheduled for early February 2011. These release dates are for Spain only.

Spanish language cover
(click to enlarge)

click to enlarge

And finally… coming in Español

PLAZA, a Random House Mondadori imprint, has just acquired the world Spanish language rights, hoping to publish all in 2011. The way I understand how this is likely to work is that they will release in Spain, and depending on sales, will export to other Spanish language markets. They even can export to the US, which strikes me as very cool. I, of course, have no control over any of this, but I will post updates as I learn more and cover art when they send it to me and allow me to show it.

The “and finally” in the title here isn’t because I’m being snarky–no, really! It’s because I had quite a number of emails from people asking when I would publish in Spanish–which I appreciate, but I don’t really publish anything. A publisher has to come to an author first and say that they want to publish your book in language X. Like it seems happens a lot in publishing, we had no interest, followed by no interest, followed by a sudden flurry of interest from numerous corners all at once.