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The Almighty Johnsons

File this under “Just for Fun”. An eagle-eyed Australian tweeted me telling me that my book had appeared briefly on a TV show over there. The show is The Almighty Johnsons and apparently follows the travails of a family who discover that they are getting the powers of the gods.

Here, apparently, is Rongo, god of food:

The Almighty Johnsons

Fitting that the god of food has good taste, eh?

New marketing tagline: “The Night Angel Trilogy. Good enough for gods, good enough for you.”

I’ll be sending signed and personalized bookplates to the reader who tipped me off. If you see my book in any quirky or fun place, please let me know, and I will do the same for you!

At the Edge of the Shadow–Russian Cover

… or in Russian, “At The Edge of the Shadow”. As well as I can tell, EKSMO has renamed the trilogy “Masters of Might and Magic”. Many thanks to the alert reader who let us know that the Russian cover for the second book is now available online.  Once again, the artist has pulled things from the book in a great way. Notice the divided background between day and night which puts Kylar right at–well, you know.

Lots more details from the series on this cover. Can’t wait to see what they do for the third book in the trilogy!

*EDIT* Apparently, the “Masters of Might and Magic” is an imprint under which EKSMO publishes foreign fantasy books. Thank you to Aleks for the heads up!


I’m pleased to announce that Tantor Media has purchased the rights to produce audiobooks of the complete Night Angel Trilogy. They have contracted actor Paul Boehmer to narrate. Work is already underway and the audiobook of The Way of Shadows will be available July 16th, followed by Shadow’s Edge on August 13th, and Beyond the Shadows on September 13th. Audio samples should be available on the linked pages soon. The books will be available both as audio CDs and mp3 CDs. They’re also available for pre-order HERE at and doubtless elsewhere as well.

“The Perfect Fantasy Debut”?

Books Monthly thinks so, and has selected BOTH The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge as its Science Fiction or Fantasy Books of the Month. They call it, “A genuine page turner, and truly impossible to put down.” They say other ridiculously nice things, too, so heck, go there and CHECK IT OUT.

Books Monthly also has a ridiculously easy quiz for UK residents to win all three books, but the deadline is November 28th. (Sorry for the short notice, my fault, I’ve been meaning to post this all month!)

A Sighting

Got an email telling me that some Borders bookstores ALREADY have Shadow’s Edge in stock. (What? I haven’t even got MY copies yet!) So if you really can’t wait for book two, give your local Borders a call. Heck, you could call Barnes and Noble, and Powells, and Waldenbooks (and Blackwell and Waterstones if you’re across the pond), just to build buzz, but if you’re not looking to be part of a nefarious grass-roots marketing effort, thanks, you just want the stupid book…well, call Borders. Sheesh. Sorry.

You do realize, however, that if you get Shadow’s Edge early, you’re still going to have to wait a full month for Beyond the Shadows, right? And that’s assuming that your Borders also gets book three in early, which they may not. So you may have to wait SIX weeks while the cool kids laugh at you because they only have to wait four weeks. Well, Mom always said patience is a virtue. (Yeah, I hated that too.)