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Reddit Limerick Contest Winners (announced with a limerick)


Pejjo has ‘fessed up that he’s a Canadian who enjoys writing limericks, and winning the contest was unintentional — so one of the signed copies of The Black Prism goes to warscarr! Here’s his limerick:

There once was a boy in despair,
His life was so very unfair,
But he learnt to draft,
And then how he laughed,
Coz he’s the fucking turtle bear!


The limerick winners are Doc G and Pejjo.

They have shown unusual mojo,
Their limericks were good —
At least for this ‘hood —
The rest got arrested by metrical Po-Po.

(P.S. It’s actually drglorae, but hey.)


Scary islands of colorful freaks
And a girl who drafts paryl and sneaks
I just want to read more
See what Kip’s got in store
But I’m waiting for years, for Weeks.

ahem vulgarity.


Out of the warrens Kyler arose
To learn the way of shadows he chose.
Great in a fight.
But when in sight,
Of a pair of tits he froze.

Link to the full list of limericks HERE.


UPDATE: Honorable mention must go to Dr. Jacob K., who entered too late, but sent us this gem:

A quotidian auctor alludes
To Teutonic or dead Roman dudes
But that Schriftsteller Weeks
Refers to the Greeks
And the φίλοι with whom he colludes.



Reddit Best Fantasy Novel 2012

reddit fantasyReddit is a gigantic social news website that has many sub-sites (subreddits). The fantasy subreddit has more than 25,000 members. This past year, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with them, which they call “Ask Me Anything”. Needless to say, when I heard The Blinding Knife was up for Best Fantasy Novel of 2012, I was delighted but didn’t expect much.

But I won.

If you’re interested in all things fantasy, I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you don’t like registering for things, you can freely lurk. In addition to having categories for Best Novel of the Year and Best Debut of the Year, /r/fantasy also voted on things like Best Blog, and Best AMA Comment. If you really want to dive immediately into fandom, this is a great place to find high-quality resources. Also, because the community is so huge, they have no trouble getting all the top fantasy authors to come by and talk with them. Those are still posted on the site and make for fascinating reading. (Look in the right-hand column of /r/fantasy for that list.)

I’d like to thank the reddit community and you guys, my awesome fans, for up-voting my book. And I’d like to thank elquesogrande for all the work he does to make that community so, so good.

I won I won I won!