’s Ask Me Anything: Featuring Brent Weeks!

Ever wanted to interview me yourself? Tonight, you can. That’s right, I go online at 7pm CST (that’s 1am GMT), to answer your questions at’s Fantasy section. Check it out HERE. EDIT: Oops, that’s just the announcement page. The questions page is HERE. Sorry. You do have to be a member to ask questions (lurking is free!), but the sign-up is relatively painless and doesn’t cost anything (darn, was going to hit them up for royalties, ah well).

You can start posting comments/questions now, and between 7pm and 9pm Central Standard Time, I’ll be responding to them.

To add a reminder to your calendar, click here: 0

Look forward to talking with you tonight!

3 thoughts on “’s Ask Me Anything: Featuring Brent Weeks!

  1. My heart, it hurts from the fact that I read this the day after this post.

  2. Tim says:

    Same with Loveless. Currently I think about halfway through the responses, have been spending way too much time trying to read them all. Was pretty excited to hear you’ve joined a Pathfinder campaign, my group and I recently started our first one of pathfinder (we’ve previously used mainly 4ed DnD with a couple of NWOD (new world of darkness or something. It didn’t particularly impress me) campaigns thrown in there, and it’s been great so far.

    I think I got more excited than I should have been at your comment on a serious potential video game, hope if they do it they get it right. A Bethesda game would be incredible (like, Elder Scrolls but even better, something I don’t even think is possible unless that happens).

    1 question as a non-reddit user: Ymmuri, Friaki, etc. (but mainly Ymmuri): Will we see more of them?

  3. breezy blint says:

    Will there be a continuation of kylar stern’s story as the night angel? I’m anxious for the durzo blint book. But I cannot accept that kylar looses everything and I’m reading this amazing story for the third go round. Also I’m curious to know if blints book will be the first in an epic saga on the perfect shadowy badass mofo. You are the man and I’m glad to have read the trilogy but I want more. Now. Like right now.

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