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Limited Bookplate Giveaway: AUS/NZ Readers!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed! Thank you for the enthusiastic response! If you were in the first 50 to sign up, look for your bookplate in a few weeks!

Because I’m not able to make it to Australia or New Zealand this book tour — I’m hosting a bookplate giveaway! For the first 50 people from those countries who fill out the below form, I will sign and mail you a free bookplate to place in the inside front cover of The Blood Mirror. Bookplates will be shipping November 4, 2016.

Here’s an example:

Lightbringer Logo Bookplate

This will likely go quick, and once we have all 50, that will be it, so sign up now!

Here’s the form:

(We do ask for your email in order to contact you if we have any problems at the post office with your mailing address.)

Bookplates Shipped!


In order to give everyone at least a chance at getting their bookplates in the mail before Christmas, I’m happy to announce that all bookplates have been personalized, signed, and mailed. Brent did all the international ones first, since mailing internationally takes the longest. All those went out by Wednesday, the 12th. Canadian and U.S. bookplates were all mailed by Thursday, the 13th, and digital bookplates went out on Friday the 14th. Brent wishes to note: his hand is tired.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a bookplate is or what to do with it once you receive it, I’ve made a short instructional video. (Enjoy my chrome-colored nails. If only I’d known Brent was having me make a video of them this morning!)

Lightbringer Bookplates Giveaway!


Lightbringer Bookplate
*UPDATE 5: If you made it into the giveaway, you should be getting an email from me, CAPSLOCK, within the next 15 minutes or so. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see one in the next 20 minutes and you think you made it in!*

*UPDATE 4: The giveaway is now closed! Thanks for your submissions*
*UPDATE 3: You’ll notice we crashed the site! We’ve been having people email me their mailing address and how they want the bookplate signed to CAPSLOCK at (No spaces). So now that we’re back, feel free to use the form below for the next few minutes — as bookplates are going fast!*

*UPDATE 2: You will notice the form is now gone. We will be doing the contest again at 9:00pm PST, 5:00am GMT, so check back then if you missed your chance for a bookplate!

*UPDATE: We are shipping internationally! So if you live outside the U.S., feel free to enter!*
The first 100 entries (see form below) will receive a bookplate! You can choose either digital or hardcopy.(Click HERE for instructions on what to do once you get a digital copy.) We will remove the contact form once we’ve received the first 100 entries.

Also, we ask that you please don’t enter more than once. We’d like as many people as possible to get at least one bookplate. Brent likes to do giveaways (especially of bookplates, since he can’t possibly meet every one of you to sign your books!), so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get another.

Indeed, the next chance for you to get a bookplate will be in 12 hours! So if you’re too late because you live on the other side of the world, check back at 9:00pm PST (5:00am GMT), when we’ll begin giving away another 100 bookplates.

Tomorrow: Bookplate Giveaway


Tomorrow morning and afternoon, Brent will be announcing two lightning-quick giveaways for the brand-new, custom-designed Lightbringer bookplates. See below for a preview.

Want a digital bookplate rather than a hardcopy? Click HERE for instructions on how to get one.

Check back here at 9am Pacific Standard Time (5:00PM GMT) tomorrow for more details!

Lightbringer Bookplate

Lightbringer Costume Contest Winners

A big thank-you to everyone who submitted their costumes and to everyone who voted! There were some outstanding entries. Below are the winners.

First Place:

Liv Danavis: In a moment, yellow luxin filled her cupped hands. It sloshed like water.

The winner will receive a personalized, signed hardcover first-edition of The Blinding Knife, and five personalized bookplates.

Second Place: 

Karris White Oak, with “hair as black as as her mood”.

The second-place winner will receive a signed copy of mass market paperback The Black Prism and five personalized bookplates.


Third Place:

A white robe blue color wight in Lord Omnichrome’s army.

The third-place winner will receive five personalized bookplates.

Bookplates Bonanza!–UPDATED–ALL GONE

For those of you who have not been able to come to any of my signings — and you had an incredibly good reason, right? — I want to give a limited, first-come-first-serve opportunity to get the next best thing to a signed book. If you don’t know what a bookplate is, mine look something like this:

I will be happy to sign and personalize bookplates for the first 200 people who email me with their snail mail address. Please put “bookplate” in the subject line. In the  body of your message, please include which book you intend to place the bookplate in, and to whom you want the bookplate dedicated. I will cover the postage for those first 200 (even internationally) and only ask that if you haven’t done so already, that you sign up for the Brent Weeks newsletter here. (I will not automatically put you into the newsletter list, and the newsletter only goes out 2-4 times a year. It’s an e-newsletter, btw. Those are just emailed out.)

 *UPDATE* All the bookplates are gone. Thank you so much for your fervor. I had wondered if I’d be pathetically flogging my free bookplates on street corners a month from now. My hand also thanks you… not so much. Give me a couple weeks to get these all done and in the mail.