Tomorrow: Bookplate Giveaway


Tomorrow morning and afternoon, Brent will be announcing two lightning-quick giveaways for the brand-new, custom-designed Lightbringer bookplates. See below for a preview.

Want a digital bookplate rather than a hardcopy? Click HERE for instructions on how to get one.

Check back here at 9am Pacific Standard Time (5:00PM GMT) tomorrow for more details!

Lightbringer Bookplate

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow: Bookplate Giveaway

  1. willpittman says:

    Aww great! I didn’t even know such digital voodoo was possible.

    1. Phillip Rogers says:

      This is great! I wish I had known that you would sign e readers though. That is my preferred choice but I am still quite happy with my copy of The Blinding Knife I got signed in Seattle. Next time I will bring my nook as well.

  2. robert says:

    Is the e-reader one avilable to all or is it part of the contest?

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