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Speaking of Oz…

So I hear I’ve made a small splash in Australia. (Thanks, Joshua.) As a matter of fact, this past week, noted that The Way of Shadows was Number Two on the Dymocks Bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy List–more than two years after publication. (Thanks for the incredulous interrobang, dude.)

For all you non-philologists, that’s this dealie: “?!” as in “Brent Weeks is at Number Two? What the Hell?!”

Due to my relentless good fortune, I’ve had quite a number of Australian fans ask me to come to Australia. This week I broke down and virtually said yes. That isn’t that I almost said yes, it’s that I said yes… to a Skype interview. I’ll be speaking in March to Dragons in the Metcalfe, a gathering of bibliovorous librarians. Because really, who can say no to 140 librarians?

As I learned by watching Inception this week, the LAX to Sydney flight is one of the longest non-stop flights in the world.

I looked into flights–cuz hey, librarians!–but something makes me nervous about that Oceanic Flight 815.

*Yeah, I know 815 was the Sydney TO LA leg, so technically, it would be like flight 816. Work with me, people.

*EDIT/CORRECTION* I’m not actually coming to Australia this time, though I hope to within the next couple of years! And so far as I know, the Skype interview will only be visible to those who are attending that convention. So… not terribly helpful if you were hoping I’d visit YOU, but hey, baby steps.