The Blood Mirror Publishes Today!


We’re so pleased that The Blood Mirror (Book #4 of The Lightbringer Series) publishes today in hardcover, e-book, and audio!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, click one of the vendors below to purchase!

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The book launches on Thursday in the UK. (So there’s still time to preorder — just click one of the links below.)

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Brent’s on book tour right now, so if you’d like to see where he’s making stops, click HERE for his full itinerary.


4 thoughts on “The Blood Mirror Publishes Today!

  1. C. Gold says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful book. This one is definitely my favorite. While I can say some things were expected, there were so many other totally unexpected surprises and explanations for long burning questions that I’m still giddy. Great job!

    Oh and um…. next book pls? 😉

  2. Chukwuemeka says:

    I am earnestly wishing.

  3. Drku says:

    Next please? We don’t even have the name of the next one 🙁

    P.S. It was even better than expected. It was over too soon (I’d still say that if it were 10,000 pages long, I guess).

  4. Dazen Guile says:

    I just finished reading the Blood Mirror and it was fantastic! Alot of mind… well rapes. But it felt good so was it still rape?
    Anyways I know your a busy man Mr. Weeks but i have some questions so I’ll be brief. First of all thank you for the rides eah book has been. Second, When are you going to address Gavin’s ability to draft white again? Third, I’m sure there is plenty left to tell to make at least 2 more books right? Pleease?
    And finally, fourth, I absolutely love what you have done with the Seven Satrapies and I would be ecstatic if you would write some books on the history of the Chromeria, preferably starting with the rise of Lucidonias and also one of the False Prisms War.

    Please email and/or respond. Thank you

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