The Blood Mirror Book Tour 2016

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Dear Friends,

It’s almost time. THE BLOOD MIRROR is coming out October 25thUSA/27th UK! It is with much excitement and some trepidation that I announce my tour for the (big?) release.

Borderlands San Francisco, CA – Tuesday, October 25 at 6pm

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A store we love so much we re-scheduled the whole tour so we could make it on the one day they’re available. (The staff is leaving for a week the next morning to host events at World Fantasy.)

Favorite memory:
When perhaps the most award-winning audiobook narrator in the world Simon Vance said, “You’re an excellent reader. You could do your own books.” He was flattering me and it’s not at all true, but DANG was I flattered.

Tattered Cover, Denver, CO – Wednesday, October 26 at 7pm

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I’ve now visited three different Tattered Cover locations on my tours. This time we’re back at the beautiful Colfax location. If you imagine an old English library with cozy nooks and warm wood, you’re imagining this place. Book lovers rejoice!
Favorite memory:
I was reminded what a privilege it is to be a writer when I met a woman for whom I did a small thing for me that was a big thing for her at a low point in her life. (Intentionally vague so I don’t sound like ra-ra me, I’m so great.)
Another was when a guy from New Jersey who was a HUGE fan just happened to be browsing in the store with no idea I was even on tour, and he looked up and there I was. As he told the story, a couple of fans from Germany, said, “That just happened to us, too!”

Schuler Books, Lansing, MIThursday, October 27 at 7pm

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A new stop for us, but I remember fondly that a bookseller at Schuler Books wrote my first big (very positive!) review for my debut novel. It was a huge encouragement. I’m also delighted to get back to Michigan where I attended college: “Take that, Professor Unnamed! I made it!”
Favorite memory: To be made!

Joseph-Beth Bookstore, Lexington, KY –  Friday, October 28 at 7pm

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A new stop, but I’ve been told for years how fantastic this store is and how much I need to go there on tour. We’ve had amazing experiences at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati, so we have high hopes.
Favorite memory: Could be of you!

Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA – Saturday, October 29 at 2pm

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One of the greatest indie SFF bookstores in the country and our good friends. Always a highlight of a book tour.
Favorite memory: Hanging out with staff until 1am at a cool 1950’s diner after my signing and hearing stories about wilder authors than I am. 😉

University Bookstore, Seattle, WA – Sunday, October 30 at 1pm

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Back in the glorious Pacific Northwest, where Duane W. reigns over a magnificent SFF section. He knows everyone and everything. On a lucky day, you might see Terry Brooks or Robin Hobb browsing the aisles here.
Favorite memory: Two–Seeing Terry friggin’ BROOKS in the audience as I’m trying to do my reading for my first ever tour. And, trying to spell the Hawaiian young man’s name that I swear was 16 letters long. It ended ‘-aloha’, that’s all I know. This nice young man may or may not be the reason that I hand out sticky notes and ask for names. Even if your name is “Bob, with the usual Z.”

Powell’s, Beaverton, OR – Tuesday, November 1 7pm

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My home bookstore, where the staff is smart, the authors are kind, and every reader is above average. Everyone knows the downtown Powells, but THIS is where the SFF cognoscenti go.
Favorite memory: Trying to number the books I signed as a special bonus. Between trying to talk to the readers, shake hands, answer questions, and write an inscription on the first page, I signed at least two books “To Brent Weeks, -Brent Weeks” and number #137 three times. Not my finest hour. (This may be the reason I stopped numbering books.)

Blackguard Captains!
We will again be selecting a few readers at each location to be a street team. This means if you like to share your excitement for Lightbringer and would like to help me out at my signing, you could get free books, front row seats, and even loot. Click HERE if you’re interested.

Some Answers to Some Common Questions:

A… uh, book tour? What does one do at a book tour, uh, stop?
We all get together and read quietly while holding our lighters aloft and swaying. First one to finish the book yells Bingo! Then all the losers have to tear up the pages they didn’t read yet, crumple them, set them on fire with their lighter, and throw the flaming pages at the person who finished first. Survivors win a napalm bookmark.
Oh, sorry.
You come and sit like in class. For 45-60 minutes, the author may talk, read a chapter or short story, or just take questions. Usually some talking and then time for questions at the end. You raise your hand and get called on. Real questions from the audience are the norm; long monologues that don’t actually contain questions are discouraged. You will normally remember the question you really wanted to ask only as you’re on your way home.
After the talking part, you get a chance to meet me and get your book personalized (“To Jedidiah Be’elzebub Moncrief,”) and signed. You have to stand in line for this part. So either sit in front (I’m not a spitter, honest), or be ready to chat with other book lovers for a while. We do some things to make the line more efficient if the crowd is big, but I’m always going to shake your hand, make eye contact, say hello, and sign your book. If you have a brief question, you’re welcome to ask it. It’s not expected, though. I’ll stay until every book is signed. (Some stores have their own protocol for how many books you can get signed each time you go through the line.) You can get a picture with me if you want.
If you don’t like lines or have elsewhere to be, so long as I have permission from the hosting store, I will sign some books when I arrive at the store and have them set aside so you can just grab and go–even before the talk if you like. (Hey, maybe your kid or your sister is a fan, but you’ve got no interest in fantasy. No problem.)

Can you come to my city?
Yes!… if it’s on the list above. Yes!… maybe next time. We do try to add new stops every tour.

Why aren’t you coming to my city? Why, Brent? Why do you hate North Dakotans/Tibetans/Merovingians/people in a town five minutes away from your tour stop?
Short answer: I go where my publisher sends me. And every Montanan hates North Dakotans.
Longer answer: It requires a fortuitous confluence of factors for a stop to get on a book tour list. Some of this is data driven: have a lot of my books sold in a certain geographical area with a certain population density? Some of it’s driven by the bookstores: I sell lots of books in the D.C. and NYC areas, but there aren’t any sizable bookstores that want to host SFF events. (Yeah, even to sell lots of books. Baffling.) Some of it’s driven by experience: We went to this town, and had an awesome experience with the bookstore and the fans… let’s go back! Some of it is scheduling: a great bookstore might want me to come and we’ve had great luck before, but they can only host me on days that I can’t be there. Some of this is simply Orbit’s budget: I’m on the West Coast, so the East Coast is just harder, and other countries didn’t make it onto the list at all this time. (This is a big country: it takes longer for me to fly to New York than it takes a New Yorker to fly to London.)

When’s the next book come out?
I hate you. Ahem. No, honestly, I’m working hard on it already. I’m not going to make any promises to fans (I have made promises to my publishers!) except this: I will continue to work hard not just to finish the book, but to finish it in a manner that makes it a compelling capstone to the Lightbringer Series. One factor in why this book tour isn’t longer is to give me more time to write. So forgive me if I can’t make it to you this time–I’ll try to make it up to you with more awesome epic fantasy, faster!

43 thoughts on “The Blood Mirror Book Tour 2016

  1. Jared Stonecypher says:

    Have fun and stay safe while traveling! I won’t be able to come but maybe the Book 5 tour will be close enough to Kansas City. I’m doing my darndest best to get people to read you here! Keep up the great work have some fun writing that 5th book =)

  2. Brandon King says:

    Here’s hoping for SLC next time!

  3. Drew says:

    Hey I wish you could come back to Waterstones in Edinburgh again was such a pleasure seeing you when the blinding knife came out.

  4. Blase Villano says:

    Curses! You will pass right by me in Chicago on your way to Michigan. Damn you, thrifty publishers!

  5. Cramer says:

    No east coast love.

  6. Casandra says:

    I can’t wait to see you in SF! I signed up to be a blackguard too.

  7. Daphne says:

    Asheville, NC next time. Even Sanderson made it to Raleigh, NC.

    1. Cramer says:

      Ouch! Sanderson made it to NYC, Boston, and New Hampshire too. Still love the Brent Weeks though!

    2. Brittany says:

      He made it to Chapel Hill with the 2nd book. Hop on the train earlier next time! 🙂

  8. Justin Heard says:

    This is amazing! I arrive in Ohio to see my girlfriend the day you get into Kentucky, and I’m doing everything I can to arrange transportation to your tour. One way or another, I will be there, even if it’s with my luggage still in hand. Oh, and hopefully she can come to. She’s almost as big of a fan as I am. Almost.

  9. Brandon Sanderson says:

    Great list! Now I know which airports to visit to sign books before you get there.

    1. Jon Platon says:

      Awesome!!! I’ll see you at the airport, Brandon! Now I can stalk two authors for the price of one!! Mwahahaha…

      (Police: just kidding. I’ll only stalk one of them!)

    2. James says:

      Now only if Michael Sullivan was also in attendance would my dreams come true! I hear the siren’s call of D/FW beckoning you both this way.

  10. Robert Buker says:

    Write faster or we will cut you! Just kidding, love the series and couldn’t be more excited for the next installment. Id rather you take your time a produce a great work than rush a shoddy effort.

  11. Dustin says:

    We’d love to see you up in Canada too, please!

  12. Lily says:

    Hey! Canadians love you too….just sayin!

  13. Jess Ialacci says:

    When it comes time to plan your next tour, you should consider Brattle Theatre/ Harvard Book Store in Cambridge MA. I just went to a book tour event there a week or so ago and it held a pretty large number of people, and the Author (Mara Wilson) said afterword it was a really good experience

  14. Erika Murfitt says:

    Just throwing Edmonton, Alberta out there for a stop on the next book signing tour! I’m anxiously awaiting my pre ordered copy of The Blood Mirror.

  15. Shina says:

    Hum… There’s a place missing.I don’t see the date for Paris. I think it’s just a little misunderstanding isn’t it ? ^_^

  16. josh says:

    come to the UK!! pllleeaassee!!

  17. Bethany says:

    Hoping for Dallas, TX soon!

    1. James says:

      ZOMG, Just came on here to say the same. We actually read here in the land of oil and big hats! Fort Worth/Dallas will treat you very well, BBQ, Tex/Mex, inexpensive gas!

  18. Chelsea says:

    I’ll be seeing you in Seattle, WA. Your books are just so great that they are worth a 52 hour bus trip… Or else I am just little crazy. Either way I can’t wait for the 3Oth!

  19. Anthony says:

    Wait, is there going to be a 5th book? I read in on of your Q&A that there would only be 4. Is this no longer the case?

    “When’s the next book come out?
    I hate you. Ahem. No, honestly, I’m working hard on it already. I’m not going to make any promises to fans (I have made promises to my publishers!) except this: I will continue to work hard not just to finish the book, but to finish it in a manner that makes it a compelling capstone to the Lightbringer Series. One factor in why this book tour isn’t longer is to give me more time to write. So forgive me if I can’t make it to you this time–I’ll try to make it up to you with more awesome epic fantasy, faster!”

    1. Anthony says:

      Or is that in reference to a new book outside of this series?

      1. CAPSLOCK says:

        Hi Anthony,

        Yes, there will be 5 books in the series! More details here:

  20. Kate says:

    Why does every SF/F book tour avoid Florida? Is it the perception that no one reads here (ok Amy Schumer you said that too in your book, then you proceeded to have a couple book signing stops here anyway) ?

    Before anyone mentions it, Brent did have a stop in Orlando about 5 or 6 years ago. That was good; but please come again soon (just about any city would due).

  21. Andrey says:

    I guess I had my hopes way too high to see Toronto on that list =(

  22. Otter says:

    Youre premtive responces are exactly why youre my favorite author See ya in pland

    1. brent says:

      Thanks! See ya there!

  23. Matt Edie says:

    Hehe, funny you should mention the bookseller at Schuler’s giving you the positive review. He was the one that actually suggested I check Night Angel out. I hadn’t heard of you but thought what the heck. Been hooked ever since. I think you might owe him some commissions or something.

  24. beatriz says:

    Hope it goes weel,

    Maybe someday you’ll come to Barcelona. I’ll see you then 🙂
    I’ve warned the it’s been shipped, 7-8 laborables days,…it seem like a year…

  25. Matt says:

    Picked this up last week from my local bookseller who must of put it out early, absolutely loved every page though the ending drove me insane! More, Mr. Weeks, please! Also, without spoiling anything, I loved your inclusion of a sensitive subject in such a way! Far too many exclamation marks in this post but it’s to highlight my excitement and happiness.

  26. Bobbie says:

    If this book ends up being number four of six that will be fine. You’ll never have to apologize for that!

  27. Allie Deeter says:

    Brent, I wish you were coming to PA, but I understand! I actually first came across your Night Angel trilogy at a book sale at a local school, that trilogy has become one of my absolute favorites (hope to see more). This then lead me to the Lightbringer series. This too has made its way onto my favorites shelf….. I will be reading this as soon as possible and when that movie deal comes in: give me a call, I’m ready!

  28. Kate says:

    I don’t know why I checked to see if you were coming to Australia, nobody awesome ever comes here.
    Congratulations on your bouncing new book!
    I’ve been notified my pre-order is being shipped and can’t wait to devour it.
    Also very eager for more news regarding the Night Angel series, you tease, you.

  29. Max Fursman says:

    Why aren’t you coming to the UK or Ireland??

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hey Max!

      Brent did make it over to the UK a few years ago on book tour, but he goes where his publisher sends him. And since travel to UK/Ireland from the U.S. is quite expensive, sometimes it doesn’t always make sense for him to make the trip.

      He hopes to make it back soon, and comments like yours help the publishers know where he’s wanted — so thank you, and perhaps he’ll make it on the next tour (for the final Lightbringer book), or after that, when he releases the next Night Angel book!

      1. Max Fursman says:

        That is a fair point. It’s just a shame that all good fantasy authors like Brent, Sanderson, Jim Butcher etc are all based in America! There are always book tours going on there! While we did have Pratchett sadly that is no longer the case so we are stuck hoping that each time a book comes out maybe they’ll be an international tour!

        1. Faith Perry says:

          Well, you do have Joe Abercrombie in Bath.

  30. Chad says:

    Went to the event last night in Lexington, Ky. It was the first signing I’ve gone to and was blown away. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was great to see the real person I have idolized for years. I am a bigger fan now than I was before.

    Thank you so much for finally making it to Kentucky and hope to attend the next time your here. If anyone is having doubts about attending one close to you, don’t miss your chance. You will not want to regret it. I can’t wait for a NEW NIGHT ANGEL!!!!

    Thanks again Brent!

  31. Xaksaroph says:

    Dear Brent,

    Please take exactly the amount of time that is required to write a complete and satisfactory conclusion to this 5 book trilogy. I do look forward to it greatly, however I do not wish to rush something this important. better a long glorious wait than a short disappointing one (not that you have ever disappointed).

    Sincerely, A New Zealand fan

    PS continuity is key, i don’t wana see any characters acting on knowledge they don’t have any way of having ok??? (see sister Ariel knowing about the black Ka’kari and Kylar not batting an eye (yes im still salty about that (sorry)))

  32. Amanda says:

    I just got Blood Mirror in the mail today and can’t wait to crack it open! Please please please consider Winnipeg, Manitoba for a stop next time, Canada had love for you too!☺☺☺

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