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The Blood Mirror Release Date

The Blood Mirror Release Date



There’s great news, and there’s good or bad news depending on how you look at it–and there’s an apology. The great news first, we’re optimists here.

The Blood Mirror will be published October 25th of this year US/27th UK. You’ve already seen the gorgeous cover at left.

But I goofed, and I need to apologize for something that I thought was true when I said it… but isn’t.

J. R. R. Tolkien once said, “The story grew in the telling.” Famously, he had his too-long novel The Lord of the Rings broken up into three novels. Robert Jordan believed he had only a single volume left in The Wheel of Time, but when Brandon Sanderson took on the job, he quickly saw that it needed to be three more books. Tad Williams jokes about his four-book trilogies.

Now it’s happened to me. So the bad (?) news: There will be five books in the Lightbringer Series, not four.

In my judgment, this is the way I can best tell this story. This is what my story needs. But it requires me to go back on something I’d told you readers: I said The Blood Mirror would be the final book in this series, and it won’t be.

I’m sorry. I’m already working to make every page worth it to you.

(And because I know the first question I’ll get will be, “So when does book five come out?”:  I’m not going to make promises—that’s turned out poorly for SFF writers much bigger than I am. THAT SAID… I will be working hard to pleasantly surprise you long-suffering fantasy fans with how quickly the next book arrives.)

Last, if you want to get a sneak peek at a couple Blood Mirror chapters, sign up to the mailing list above! I send maybe four updates a year to that list, with extra info and special offers. (If you hate mailing lists, don’t worry, you can see those chapters in a couple of months on my extras page.)

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  1. I don’t know who in their right mind would be mad that we get to stay in this world of yours longer. Keep writing. I hope the story never ends. Just as I hope someday we will be back in the world of the Night Angel, if not the story. I have almost zero time to read anymore, but every single time you create a new book, I make time no matter what. I have SO NOT called in to work or left early to read your books…… OK maybe the one time.

    • Quite a few people could, understandably, get upset. It is becoming all too frequent for authors to string their readership along with unfinished series. We are invested. We want to know how the story ends. If there is more story to tell, perhaps it is time for a second trilogy.

      To be fair, this is not Brent Weeks’ fault. As far as I am aware, this is the first time he has done something like this. The skepticism is because of authors like Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin and that liar and charlatan Rothfuss.

      At least Brent Weeks is young. I know Martin, like Jordan, is never going to finish ASOFAI. Instead it will be milked along for a few more books by some other writer, authorized by the Estate.

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