4 thoughts on “Just Published in Germany, Czech Republic, & Hungary

  1. Daniel says:

    Yes, part 2 of The Broken Eye has been published in Germany. I read it and was disappointed like I was when I read part 1 before. I turn page after page and wait that something interresting is actually happen. At some point I had to force myself continue reading. The last 100 pages are what I expected from the hole novel, but…then the book is finished, no conclusion and I realized: it´s no trilogy, there will be more. Ok, I thougt, let´s find out, wether there´s a fourth book in english, which continues the story. No fourth book, even not a mention on Amazon.com when it will be available. Argh! Reader lost! 900 pages without sense, just to sell a fourth book in this series.

    1. Eichhörnchen says:

      Hi Daniel,
      …muss dir leider zustimmen. Kommt wohl auf den Geschmack der Kohle – und zieht, wie wir im Deutschen formulieren, den Faden gehörig in die Länge. Habe zum Teil halbe oder auch ganze Seiten nur überflogen, um wieder an einem Punkt anzukommen, an dem nicht nur unnötiges Beschreibungsgesalbader stattfindet, sondern Story. Schade…

  2. Karellen says:

    Wait… what did he do in the Blender? 🙂

  3. Nathan Magee says:

    I thought Gavin have red hair?

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