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The Black Prism: Hungary

Hungarian Black PrismI’m very pleased to announce that The Black Prism has just been published in Hungary! If you’d like to order your copy now, go HERE. (A Hungarian translation of Perfect Shadow is also planned in the not-too-distant future.)


In Hungarian: Az Arnyak Utjan

Ok, ok, so the above doesn’t have all the cool accents etc. that the REAL Hungarian title does.

For those who can actually read Hungarian – or just like seeing the Trilogy in all its polylingual glory – here’s the Hungarian cover of The Way of Shadows:

I’m Thinking Hungarian

Seriously, I love Eastern Europe. And apparently the feeling’s mutual. Konyvmolykepzo Publishers has purchased the rights to publish The Night Angel Trilogy in Hungarian. That brings the Night Angel trilogy to a total of nine languages now: Czech, Complex Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian. Whoa.