3 thoughts on “The Broken Eye in France

  1. JenMo says:

    French covers may be my favorites in general.

  2. Tim says:

    Nice cover, but I prefer the American one.

    I’ll admit, after those staggering NA covers and the BP one, I find it incredibly satisfying when I actually like the US covers better than the French ones. It’s kind of like “ha! I actually got the version with the prettier cover this time! France 4, rest-of-the-world 2!” (not that places that get the US cover comprise the whole rest-of-the-world, I’m just counting the number of times the French cover hasn’t been my favourite).

  3. DrunkenChoko says:

    Pretty nice, Le prisme noir and Le couteau Etincelant (the two other french edition of the Lightbringer series) was a bit… well, compared it to the Night angel french cover, this one is reaaaaaaally nice.

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