The Broken Eye = Spheres of Power (in German)

Whenever you translate a book from English into German, certain things get added. And by “things”, I mean the book suddenly becomes nearly twice as big as it was in the USA. And when you write a novel that’s more than 350,000 words in English, this can cause problems — like book bindings breaking!

Due to the length of The Broken Eye — and the additional length of translation a book into German —  my German publisher has decided to publish the first half on August 17, 2015. We plan to follow with the second half in Winter 2015.

Here’s the cover for Sphären der Macht, part 1! Pre-order HERE.


Cover design and illustration: © Isabelle Hirtz, Inkcraft, with usage of a photo by Larry Rostant

2 thoughts on “The Broken Eye = Spheres of Power (in German)

  1. Demiurg says:

    Sadly common since the olden days…
    When I was young I first realised this with the Dragonlance books. Every english one was split in two effectively doubling the prce.

  2. Jean says:

    Well, I already bought the english book simply because
    I can’t wait until august and it’s huge.

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