The Blinding Knife Review Round-up

Staffer’s Book Reviews  raves: “I’ve read all five of Brent Weeks’ published novels and it’s a certainty that he’s evolving with every book. With The Blinding Knife, I believe he’s entered a new stratosphere and one that puts him on par with anyone who’s written these kinds of stories. It isn’t only the best book he’s written; I consider it one of the best epic fantasies I’ve read. Do me a favor and read it too.”

N. Schmiedicker says, “Even now, a week after I first finished the book I can say that Blinding Knife has jumped to my Top 3 all-time favorite books. It was the type of book that left me catching bits and pieces that I admired and wanted to work on in my own novel. It was a book that taught me how to write by virtue of it’s own magnificent writing and I highly recommend this series for any fans of epic fantasy.”

A Dribble of Ink comments, “It’s fast, it doesn’t hold back its punches, but there’s also a sense of hope, and the humour is bright. The Blinding Knife improves on The Black Prism in every conceivable way, and places Brent Weeks on comfortable footing beside contemporaries like Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie, if not a step above. I thought it would be a fun distraction, but instead found one of the best Fantasy books of 2012.”

British Fantasy Society notes that “Weeks has truly cemented his place among the great epic fantasy writers of our time… The mark of a good fantasy is that it can surprise you, catch you off guard, really make you feel what the characters are feeling, and this one does with a good, solid kick to the gut. Several times. And each time it feels good. The twists, shocks and heart wrenching blows keep coming and by the end you will be begging for more. The next in the series simply cannot come soon enough.

Comic Book Therapy says, “Author Brent Weeks has delivered yet again another novel that was almost impossible put down until the finish… The Blinding Knife is everything and more of what the Black Prism was, and leaves you wanting so much more at the very end.”

Fantasy Book Critic believes that, “As before, the major shortcoming of the novel is that it ended as I would have loved 600 pages more again… The Blinding Knife is just great stuff, an exuberant epic fantasy that I could read thousands of pages of and still want more and a top 10 novel of mine for the year.

52 Book Reviews says that “The Blinding Knife is the best book I’ve read this year… The Blinding Knife is a masterwork of a novel (I know at least eighty percent of you get the reference) full of exquisitely drawn and believable characters, a surprisingly intricate magical system, break-neck pacing and more “no he didn’t” moments than Rush Limbaugh’s entire career… I think that in a few years readers will look back at The Blinding Knife as the point where Brent Weeks went from being an up-and-comer to an author whose name belongs next to stalwarts of the genre like Martin, Jordan, and Brooks. Run, don’t walk and get this book. You won’t regret it.”

Speculating on SpecFic argues that “The Blinding Knife is an example of epic fantasy at its very best…  Everything is brilliantly paced, wild battles are beautifully choreographed and interweaved between heart-warming moments of honesty and trust between key characters.”



2 thoughts on “The Blinding Knife Review Round-up

  1. Kylar is my yum yum kins says:

    I read this and during my chem lecture and I was like “WOOOOOOOH!!!” because I love these books so much!!! (My professor probably thinks I’m nuts now because I was pretty loud, too) Brent Weeks is such an amazing writer. Everything he writes is AWESOME and EPIC and DEEP, even if it’s his signature on a receipt. The characters are funny and witty and sarcastic, and I just want to hang out with all of them! Except if I ever got near one, I’d probably tackle him/her to the ground and never let go and never stop talking about their lives and how much I love them and how much their life sucks and all the reasons why they should take me back to their world because my life is boring and we’d make AWESOME friends. The plot twists ALWAYS leave me screaming at the top of my lungs or rejoicing or running around my dorm super hyper, too–I mean, seriously, where does he come up with the stuff that happens?! And why does he LET it happen?! Why do the characters I love most always have to die??? I’m so happy people are finally giving him a fraction of the praise he deserves! And he’s DEFINITELY just as good as Brandon Sanderson. BW’s characters are much more deep and multifaceted, and the themes are a lot more heart wrenching and thought provoking. (And I’m a HUUUUUGE HUUUUUGE HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Sanderson fan, so even merely THINKING that someone could be near his skill just feels weird.) 😀 NEVER STOP WRITING, MR. WEEKS!!!!! WE LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!!!!!

  2. Darakna says:

    Yeah, Weeks, you really surprised us all with this jump. I mean I expected something awesome from you, instead I got epic.

    Sadly, I have to say that Night Angel is still my favorite when we’re talking about a story – simply because it’s totally my style.
    But when it comes to writing and plotting, you have truly grown way above anybody’s believes.
    If this world was an empty page, I would be happy to see you as the god-writer of it.

    I will not go into the details of your awesome work: 1st I know you hear about it everywhere you go; 2nd Don’t want to spoil it for some unfortunate soul that didn’t get his/her hands on it yet.

    Just remember your own words, Weeks, don’t make the pressure take you.

    PS: I’m doing a little surprise for You and your fans. With current work, I predict it should be finished in a week or two. Then I need to figure out how to put it online.

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