My Favorite Bit: Games in Novels



My friend, beta reader, and highly talented author in her own right, Mary Robinette Kowal hosts a series of guest blog posts from other authors talking about their favorite little part of a novel they’ve written. She invited me to post there, and I have happily accepted. Go HERE to read my thoughts about games within novels.

Also, if you love novels of manners — think Jane Austen — with a brilliant touch of magic, check out Mary’s books: Shades of Milk & Honey, and Glamour in Glass.  More info HERE  and HERE.




2 thoughts on “My Favorite Bit: Games in Novels

  1. Alderan says:

    So, since no one else has commented on this, thought I would. This was a great read. To see what exactly went through your mind when creating the Nine Kings game. Also, must say, everything you listed was accomplished. And it was also cool to see that what you were hoping for is actually what the card game came to be. Well done Mr. Weeks.

  2. Matt says:

    It was nice to see where you got your inspiration. Magic the gathering crossed my mind when reading those chapters.
    I’d defiantly buy nine kings cards, it looks fun.

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