Comic Book Therapy Interview


As Brent said on Twitter, “Big interview with Comic Book Therapy, wherein we talk games-in-books, new characters, twists, and movie adaptations.”

The interview is HERE (spoilers only for those who’ve not read The Black Prism).


3 thoughts on “Comic Book Therapy Interview

  1. Marcy says:

    “I remember him talking about his parents’ divorce in a perfectly level voice, emotionless and descriptive, while tears were rolling down his face. And he said quite frankly, ‘I have no idea why I’m crying.’ Like it was a puzzle to him that he could figure out. I think most of us are like that, though to a much lesser extent. Especially in adolescence, we develop certain skills to a level of adult proficiency. And in other areas we’re complete newbs.”

    Ohmygoodness yes. Being from an extremely large family, when I started college there was part of me scoffing at all the other freshmen tearfully saying goodbye to their parents, part of me envying them, and part of me that felt so much more incredibly lost and childish than anyone else there. Some of the things that were new to these freshmen, I’d learned to do for myself when I was like… six, probably. But other things one doesn’t learn so well on one’s own. Come to think of it, a lot like Kip. As far as I remember I liked him without consciously noticing the vacillation. Well done.

    “And if a project doesn’t happen because I’m being too picky? I’m fine with that. I love writing books and don’t feel that they’re inferior in any way. I’m making a living, and I’d sooner write a Night Angel/Lightbringer crossover than I would willingly sign on to some crappy movie!”

    Besides, speaking as someone who worked at a bookstore, a good show will make your books sell waaay better than a crappy movie will. I mean, when people start seeing previews and such for a movie they start buying the books, but once people start watching the movie, if it flops, interest dies down and no one buys the book anymore. Taken to an extreme, sort of like David Morrell’s experience with First Blood/Rambo. Apparently required reading in some schools, until after the movie came out and teachers didn’t want to be associated with it anymore.

  2. Ilidsor says:

    I just wanted to say that I hate you for announcing a TV show is possible when I’m already so hyped for The Blinding Knife already. My body can’t stand all this excitement damn you!

  3. Cornelia says:

    Well done to think of smeothing like that

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