2 thoughts on “New Writing Advice: Staying Focused

  1. BarefootJedi says:

    Thanks for the advice! Heh heh, finally writing again without so much distraction now that I have created another profile on my PC that has every parental control possible on so I can do nothing but use MS Word. And the inconvenience of having to log out of that profile and back into my normal one isn’t worth it just to see who on Facebook likes what.

  2. Brent T. says:

    Brent, if and when my novel ever gets finished and published, I am going to have to name you in the acknowledgments out of sheer respect. I keep having spurts of creativity from month to month so there always seems to be long periods of time that go without me even thinking of my story. Then I remember I have your website in my favorites and go for a read. And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, that I come here, you put more writing advice up that happens to be exactly the answer I needed to continue on through a previous writers block. The way you explain things, just works for me.

    So thank you for what you do. Sincerely. Thank you

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