Night Angel Omnibus Glossary

Well, it took some doing, but I’m happy to be able to bring you the brand-new Night Angel Omnibus Glossary. I usually find glossaries to be boring, so I gave this one a bit of a voice and a story that you can see played out through the head notes, the marginalia, the end notes, and also in the comments on the Character List. I hope you have fun reading it. I certainly had fun writing it.

Also, if you’re looking at this as you read The Night Angel Trilogy for the first time, the terms and characters are spoiler-free as of the first time you read them in the text. If, on the other hand, you read straight through the entire glossary, you will probably have some things spoiled for you. When a writer’s stories have as many twists and turns as mine do, it’s hard to write a glossary like this at all! A big thank you to Orbit for giving me permission to post these, and in particular to Alex L. who helped us figure out a way to make these viewable with the margin notes intact.

The Glossary is HERE, and will also live under the Extras tab.

13 thoughts on “Night Angel Omnibus Glossary

  1. Mitch Kiah says:

    Excellent. Excellent! Sad to say I’ve been pronouncing too many of these things incorrectly. Also, laughed out loud at Starbucks enough times that the person behind me actually shushed me -_-.

  2. Kylar is my yum yum kins says:

    Yes! Finally!! I bought the omnibus hoping to read the glossary and the little notes beside it, but it was waaaaaay to small on the iPad. Now I can read it, and it’s hilarious, too! 😀 😀 The little story within the glossary is really funny, especially how sarcastic and caustic the guy writing notes is.

    Thanks so much for this! 😀

  3. Darakna says:

    Good reading, I must say. As expected from you, Weeks (muahaha – feel the pressure! :P)

    I must say I missed your style. Can’t wait for Lightbringer II (so much I started reading Black Prism again … for the third time … Gah, can you suggest more stories?! I find we have similar taste.)

    Again, great work making boring into very much un-boring!

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Darakna,
      Here are some other authors Brent recommends:

      1. Darakna says:

        Brett is already read-through (2 weeks ago), some of Abercrombie as well, but others are now very much on my list.
        Thank you =)

  4. Aubrey Tate says:

    I agree with some of the previous posts: there were a lot of things I was mispronouncing, and I loved the dark humor of the person writing the notes. I had a tendency to literally laugh out loud (not something I do often while reading, but for Weeks I make an exception).
    Also, I was wondering when/if you would be posting the scenes that were left out of the original three books. I picked up the Omnibus at the bookstore recently, and I realized I have no idea where those added scenes are. I also have the complete trilogy on my NOOK, and am again stumped as to whether they are included on the NOOK version or not, and if so how I will spot them. Normally, I’m really good at remembering everything about a book, but I also don’t normally reread books because of that (again, exception: Weeks) and each time I’ve read the series I’ve noticed something different. The intricacies of the story is phenomenal!
    So, needless to say, I want to read these excerpts (even if they are taken out of context a bit) and want to know Weeks’ thoughts on why each was removed and why they were each replaced. :3

  5. :D says:

    The chamberlain seems quite the ass, but reading his corrections and comments on the glossary were quite funny anyway. Thanks for putting this up!

  6. Lisamarie says:

    Hi I went on to buy this as it looks amazing, I already have the books seperately but i want the extras and the cover is well good 😀 however atm it looks like its only been published in America…..will it be getting published in the UK any time soon?
    Just wondering so I know if I should just go ahead and pay the extra for shipping!

  7. Lisamarie says:

    Bought it!
    Decided I didnt want to wait any longer than I needed to (up to 32days for shipping) so ignore that last comment 😀

  8. Fuu says:

    Ha I finally got around to reading through this. And I really had to hold myself back from laughing out loud lest hardworking folk around me think I’m mad. Marginalia sarcasm at its best.

  9. Nickolean says:

    I noticed something in the description for the Chattel “becoming slaves or chattel to non-drafters”. Is that something that slipped past editing or IS IT ALL ONE WORLD?! D:

  10. Kevin says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh because of this glossary and my mispronunciations. The last comment the chamberlain makes about a, “glaring factual error,” though a slightly vague statement, makes me wonder if the chamberlain is an incarnation of someone we know… (I know, I’m a bit late to the comment party here.)

    1. Joshua Repik says:

      I noticed a moment where elene is reading a note from Vi and wondered a question she shouldn’t have had the information to wonder, and it struck me so oddly I reread it several times. Getting to the glossary made me wonder if that was the Easter egg factual error

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