Launch Day!

Although The Night Angel Trilogy Omnibus has been on shelves for a week or two, today is our official launch date. For all sorts of details and even one of the extras for free, look at the posts below. Also, there’s a new poll up to the right!

10 thoughts on “Launch Day!

  1. Jan Lopez says:

    Congratulations!! Great series!

  2. Mary says:

    Haha, I just picked up one last week. I already own the books so I’ll be passing them on through

  3. sherry fredrickson says:

    Mr. Weeks, unfortunately I missed out on the contest but I m extremely excited to get ur new book as I m reading this series for a thrift time. I m thrilled there is more to Kyler n Satin’s tale. Thank u for ur amazing writes.

  4. sherry fredrickson says:

    Damn spell check… Lol, u know what I mean.

  5. Isaac Marx says:

    Great series, have already read the individual books and am looking forward to rereading this series. Thanks Mr. Weeks for some great adventures!

  6. Silent Young says:

    Oooooo I’m so excited to get this!
    I really love and enjoy your stories and I hope you continue writing them!

  7. Shadowgirl Jynnxe says:

    I had my mom get the books for me today 😀 I saw them a while ago and read a few pages. What I read just made me so excited to get these books! I can’t wait. Oh and what’s even better, this is the biggest book I’ve ever done for a book report XD lolz Don’t judge :3 I have 3 weeks to read this and it’ll go by so quick XD Thanks for the amazing books!!!

  8. Kylar is my Yum Yum Kins says:

    Ooh mah gosh, I just FINALLY got the omnibus. I’d been waiting for so long, but since I’m a student full-time, the only way I can get money for books is by cutting corners in other areas–mainly skipping lunches for a few weeks. AAAAHHH but it was SOO worth it!! I love this series so much!! I started reading fantasy after checking out Brandon Sanderson’s stuff, but now that I’ve read Brent Weeks, OHMAIGUASH (’tis how it sounds with my weird speech-irregularity-accent-thingy) MY WHOLE LIFE IS CHANGED!!! ALL HAIL THE OMNIBUS NIGHT ANGEL SERIES!! 😀

    The only problem with it is that the character lists can’t be read… The print is SOO small, and the annotations are just plain illegible. ‘Twas so sad, because that’s basically what I bought the book again for. (I’ve bought the series twice on paper, three times on ebooks so I could preach them to other people)

    BUT I STILL LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! Durzo <3 Kylar <3 Logan<3 Black Ka'kari <3 The Wolf <3 Ezra <3 Jorsin Alkestes <3 Lantano Garuwashi <3 Dorian <3 Hu Gibbles <3 Jarl <3 The entire male cast <3

  9. Zach Bosen says:

    I suppose this is old news by now, but I couldn’t figure out a better place to ask:

    Is the issue with the blurb for The Black Prism (waaay at the back of this 1200 page beauty)being for a completely unrelated book (a quick internet search tells me “A Madness of Angels” by Kate Griffin) in every copy, or did I just get lucky? I don’t really mind, it just seemed odd.

    I checked the forum, but I suspect many of us saw no reason to read the “preview” of The Black Prism.

    All that being said, I’m glad I finally made it home to grab my copy. Any excuse to start a re-read, right?

    1. brent says:

      Yeah, it’s a screwup that they’ll fix in reprints. 🙁

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