Cage Match Finals: Kylar vs. Moiraine

Well, I don’t know how we did it, and at least five other authors don’t know how we did it either, but Kylar has made it to the finals in the Suvudu Cage Match. Suvudu is Random House’s official SFF blog, so you don’t get to the finals by flying under the radar. 64 fantasy characters entered this year, and Kylar has faced characters from more beloved series than he has any right to (Gimli from J.R.R. Tolkien, Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling, Julia from Lev Grossman, Erevis Cale from Paul S. Kemp, Granny Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett).

And now, in the finals, he’s facing Moiraine from my personal favorite, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

So if you’re going to go down, it’s good to go down to someone you love! But if you’re going to go down, I think Durzo would say, “It’s best to go down swinging.”

Click HERE to read Suvudu blogger Abyss’s take on how the fight will go. And don’t forget to vote!

My thanks also to David Pomerico and to Suvudu for giving Kylar the chance to be seen by other fantasy fans. A lot of hard work goes into putting these together, and in doing the write-ups, and I really appreciate it!

(You may also have noticed that there isn’t a new writing advice post this month. Between copyedits for my next book and a short vacation, I haven’t had time to write that yet. But it’s coming soon!

A new poll is also at right.)

21 thoughts on “Cage Match Finals: Kylar vs. Moiraine

  1. Fuu says:

    Woooooooo Kylar! OK now that that’s outta the way:

    *****PUBLIC NOTICE*****

    Kylar has made it into the Suvudu 2012 cagematch finals! There he will meet Moiraine Damodred in an epic battle of internet proportions! May the best win!


    Now, where did Kylar last die in the trilogy? How did he die? Why did he die? Do any NAT fans think Kylar will approve being multivoted (or otherwised cheated) to the top? How would he, and in turn we, feel about taking the top prize but with narrow-eyed glances from the rest of the SFF fanbase? Would the public exposure time change in any way? And the quality? Kylar doesn’t want to come victorious out of the arena expecting to find an army but is instead faced with men enough only for a bus. A giant bus, but definitely not the army the votes reflected.

    Please, fans! If you love the series and Kylar, DON’T CHEAT! DON’T MULTIVOTE!

    Thank you for your attention in this announcement

    1. Lee Monroe says:

      I thought about it, but I’ve decided I won’t. However, I can’t say the same for WoT

    2. Luis says:

      Do you say this to the other fans of other books too. Or are you just here to troll? Were fans of the NA trilogy will do whatever it takes to win.

      1. Tim says:

        Luis: Fuu is a NA fan. He posts regularly here. Everything he said just then was valid.

        And not all fans of the NA trilogy will do whatever it takes to win, not even most of us. Most of us have at least some shreds of pride and decency.

        Also, I don’t think you even know what trolling is.

        1. Tim says:

          Luis, and any other multivoters, also read this, Brent Weeks’ comment on the Suvudu page:

          “First, I want to say thank you to Abyss for doing a great write-up. These are really challenging to do well, to not mess up major facts about the series, and to not infuriate the fan-bases. Thanks for taking it on, and for doing it so well. Bravo.
          Second, I just want to appeal to my fans to keep it clean. I would much rather Kylar lose cleanly than have a tainted victory. If you alienate the fan base of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (of whom I am one!), you’re not doing me any favors. Heck, I hope those fans give my books a chance! So please, no multi-voting or irritating spam posts. This is a light-hearted, fun contest, and even if Kylar loses… heck, coming in second to a character from one of the most loved fantasy series of all time? That ain’t so bad.
          Third, thank you for all your votes getting me here, and thanks to Suvudu for putting all this together!
          -Kylar’s “dad” “

        2. Fuu says:

          Thanks Tim!

          And yes that was a nice post by Brent on Suvudu. We need more authors like Brent 🙂

          You really can’t deny that the WoT fanbase is massive and spread so widely over time and space… they’ll have plenty of eager voters once news spreads. Some fans of both might be conflicted but there’s way more “purist” WoT fans than there are NAT fans. Kylar was great in this write-up and either way, there’ll be new fans to add to the base 😉

  2. Bryce M says:

    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Kylar is in the lead on monday night by 200!! Come on Kylar! 3 days to go !

  3. Steven says:

    Hahaha! Kylars actually winning it!

    1. Bryce M says:

      What do you mean? The Black Ka’kari eats magic Balefire will do nothing! Its a huge advantage for Kylar

  4. Lee Monroe says:

    There is an argument that Balefire isn’t really magic, however, it is a type of energy and my understanding is that it needs to have some type of base element. So, the Ka’kari can devour it either way, magic or no.

    All logic dictates that Kylar would win the fight, however, it all comes down to popularity and the Vote count.

    So everyone needs to vote for Kylar!

  5. Jessie Rahl says:

    Aww I liked the other picture of Kylar better. When I picture the wetboy garb, I think of lightly clothed, heavily but stealthily armed assassin clothing. Not… armor and skateboard knee and elbow pads. 🙁

    Anyway… go Kylar! 😀

  6. Adam says:

    From up by 200 to down by 300, some shift WoT…

    1. Bryce M says:


  7. Steven says:

    This is not going very well….. 🙁

  8. Chrono says:

    Man, that gap got huge.

  9. Himself says:

    well we had a good run…they better include Durzo next year

  10. Gintoki says:

    It really was a good rin wasn’t it. I really hope Kylar wins, but the way things are going I don’t think he is. This week’s writeup was really good in my opinion (not that anyone’s asking for it) I’m glad it ended the way it did so the readers, and voters, really do get a say in who won (Yes, I know it’s the same as the other times, but this time it really felt that way becuase it ended with the readers not knowing who died in the end). As I said, I really hope he wins, ‘twould be great.

  11. ALoyalFan says:

    The comments on suvudu was a bloodier fight than the actual cage match. Kylar will come back and Judge them all.

    1. Tim says:

      Really? That’s probably about as tame as I’ve seen them…

  12. Terra says:

    Well… Kylar was awesome!!
    2nd place is not so bad, though I still think that if he killed Moirane the moment he found her, he would’ve won, if not for the vote.

    Great Job Kylar! Brent’s proud of you!
    (…so is Durzo…hopefully)

  13. Abyss says:

    I think it’s pretty damn impressive to come in second to a WoT character, regardless.

    And thanks much for the comments Brent. That’s a massive compliment coming from you. Glad you liked. It was a blast writing your character for a few paragraphs.

    – Abyss, fan.

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