Writing Advice Update: Work Schedule & Planning


Not Like This.

Brent has a new writing advice post up.

Highlights of the post: working in the shower, the beauty of low word count goals, and hacking your feelings. He also explains why he has a news feed, and not a blog.

(Brent says: if you want a good excuse to avoid meeting your own word count goal, check it out HERE.)

4 thoughts on “Writing Advice Update: Work Schedule & Planning

  1. Tim says:

    Loved it, as always. Actually thinking I might start writing now. After reading it immediately wrote an outline of ideas for scenes I’ve had (I’ve been mentally writing for the last few days), and then what I wanted to achieve from each scene. Next is what I want to achieve from the story as a whole, and then tying the scenes together, and actually writing the story.

    Thanks Brent (and CAPSLOCK), don’t know how or why, but these writing posts always seem to inspire me to write, as well as being incredibly entertaining. Here’s hoping I can keep at it, and actually write something worthwhile.

  2. Pam Bitner says:

    Nicely done. I get so tired of hearing about word count. More so the ‘formula’ for chopping around 25% of what you wrote off. If it’s bad enough I need to cut it (not that I haven’t ever taken a 1,000 or so words to the bathroom where they’d be of some use), I shouldn’t have wrote it in the first place. Writing is never easy but it sure is fun. 🙂

  3. Brent T. says:

    So… wait, we DON’T talk to ourselves in starbucks? Oh… heh, right. I knew that! I knew that…

    Timing is everything Mr Weeks. Yes….

  4. Jim Heiney says:

    Great advice! I’ve been doing the ridiculously low word count thing for a while now and it always leads to more words past my quota.

    I’ve done the shower work as well. The only drawback there has been some wasted water, but they’ll make more, right?

    Off to read the rest of your advice posts…

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