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Writing Advice Update: Work Schedule & Planning


Not Like This.

Brent has a new writing advice post up.

Highlights of the post: working in the shower, the beauty of low word count goals, and hacking your feelings. He also explains why he has a news feed, and not a blog.

(Brent says: if you want a good excuse to avoid meeting your own word count goal, check it out HERE.)


For all of you who’ve been interested in seeing me, but who don’t live in any of the cities I’ll be visiting on my book tour, Orbit had the great idea of sending me on The Great First Annual Video Blog Tour. Sure, sure, other guys have done blog tours before, but TGFAVBT is new, different, amazing, novel! TGFAVBT has video.

That’s right. Some other authors might make you read several thousand words of text interview on your computer screen–and then expect you to read 210,000 more words in their book. Sheesh! They’ll tire your eyes out! Not me. Sit back, blink once in a while, look away from the screen for a bit as an Interesting Person walks past you in the coffee shop, and you can still hear the mellifluous strains of baritonal brilliance. Alternately, mute the sound and watch awkward hand gestures! Try to guess the times at which I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about! Imagine the contortions of the video editor, trying to make me look good!

The choice is yours. Personally, I can’t bear to watch. Too embarrassing. Plus, I was there.

Seriously, thanks to my blog hosts, who asked great questions and let me come stomp around their blogs and track dirt in. And thanks to A. at Orbit, who had the idea. This was just us trying to have some fun and hit a bunch of your questions.

Note: We’ll be releasing a new video interview each Monday of August, check here for new links.

Released 8/2:  John at

Released 8/9: Liviu at

Released 8/16: Janicu at

Released 8/24: The Book Smugglers at

Live Interview with Geekerati this Wednesday

On Wednesday, February 11th at 7pm PST (3AM GMT), I’ll be doing my first live interview for the Blog Talk Radio program Geekerati. Details and call in number HERE, along with a nice reminder feature if you want to tune in. They do field a couple of phone calls depending on time, and it looks like each program lasts about an hour. I’m just glad I’m not famous enough to get my own “You Know” counter. Ouch. But if you are interested in listening to the “you knows,” “ums,” and “likes” (or even the gibberish in between) but you miss the live version, you can also catch the podcast after the fact through the links above or in the iTunes stores (search Geekerati). They also have some other, more impressive folks you can listen to. More info about Geekerati on their blog HERE.