Kylar Wins! Next Up: Harry Potter

First, the good news: Kylar Stern won Round 1 of the Cage Match! Sorry, Gimli.

Thank you to all you fans who voted.

Now for the even better news: Kylar’s next fight will be against Harry Potter.

That’s right folks: the Boy Who Lived will face off with The Boy Who Kills. And I’m writing up the conflict like never seen before. It goes live this Monday, March 12, HERE. Apparently, Hermione is laying down the ground rules.

20 thoughts on “Kylar Wins! Next Up: Harry Potter

  1. KayFlame says:

    Oh my… this will be very interesting. Can’t wait to see how you write the battle!

  2. Xavri says:

    Totally awesome. Two of my favorite characters. I think Kylar may be in for some difficulties though.

  3. Justin j says:

    great match up lol i was hoping kylar would fight someone with maigc lol the supirse on harrys face when he finds out maigc cant touch kylar will be priceless

  4. RyanB says:

    Hagrid: “your a wizard Kylar”
    Durzo: “No your a wetboy Kylar”
    ~There is a reason Kylar was not a wizard and a reason why Harry is going to lose~

  5. L Lawliet says:

    Kylar Stern:
    Immortal (with a price)
    Can devour magic
    Martial Arts Expert
    Master Swordsman
    Can turn invisible
    Is a perfect killing machine

    Harry Potter:
    Large fanbase
    All in all, a kid who knows a few cheap parlor tricks

    Sadly the large fanbase is all Harry needs to win this battle.

  6. Gintoki says:

    Damn, I’m going to have a hard time voting this time.
    Last time it was easy because I haven’t read Lord of the Rings (Anyone is free to criticize me on that). And, Harry has been one of my best friends when I was little.
    I guess I’ll just do eeny-meeny-miney-mo (not).
    Wait, what? You’ll send Kylar after me if I don’t vote for him?
    F-f-fine, I’ll vote for him, please don’t kill me! (in return can I have a Parfait?)

  7. Matt says:

    No offense to Harry, but he doesn’t even stand a chance.

  8. Izrael says:

    L Lawliet pretty much summed it up.

  9. Justin j says:

    harry has an inviablity cloak but that fails in comparason to attualy becoming invisable and magic cant hurt kylar he wins hands down large fan base or not thats a major game changer cuz really what else does harry have? an owl and a sword he only used for a moment

  10. katy says:

    Kyler will win this one, harry never could get past expelliarmus!

  11. katy says:

    I can spell expelliarmus but not kylar! Good job Mr Weeks is a better typer than me 🙂

    1. Juan says:

      Well since you’ve read The Da Vinci Code(which I loved) you should read Angels and Demons if you haven’t daeraly. Other books I would recommend are the Percy Jackson series, The Last Vampire trilogy by Christopher Pike, the Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke, and The Princess Bride by William Goldman(it’s pretty funny). Hope you find something you like!

  12. Megann says:

    Magic may not hurt Kylar but that’s not to say that outside objects can’t – I will vote for Kylar though mostly because Harry wasn’t my favorite character in that series.

  13. Tim says:

    Megann, one of the first things the devourer ate for Kylar was a dagger someone had chucked at him. And how would Harry him him with anything non-magical anyway? He’s waaaay too slow.

    Only way I can see Harry winning this is if it turned out that that blessing from his mother was strong enough that Retribution covered in the Black ka’kari couldn’t cut through it, which is just not going to happen. So it’s basically down to a question of “is that Harry kid’s fanbase big enough that he can win despite not actually having any chance?” something I actually believe could happen after seeing the results of the Saphira vs Tattoo match.

    One thing that could be interesting would be fighting pre-magic Harry against pre-Blint Azoth. That would be slightly less predictable.

    1. Eddie says:

      Azoth is a brutal, kicked all his life street kid, harry is a (abused a bit perhaps, but still cared for) normal kid. azoth started a rebellion, and killed a boy years older than him and stronger by far

  14. Stephan says:

    If kylar could finally find out how to truly use his kakari and his powers delivered by the Devouerer and if he could masterly controll his talent potter wouldn’t even have a slim chance. After all he got The Devourer of all magic. guess he could use the magic absorbed by the kakari to his own fortune.

    Kylar has the upper hand and it would surprise me if potter could do anything but scratch kylar.

    Sorry for making my message so onesided but magic against the Enemy of all magic? ehm… well this fight is oneside.

    By all regards.


  15. Austin Woodson says:

    Good point. But with how many fans there are you have to think of how many people out there hate books like these(retards if you ask me!). Harry Potter is on the list of the top 10 most censored books of all time. This is along with HuckleBerry Finn and others i have never heard of. People out there that dont like Harry Potter will hopefully vote for Kylar. Oh and Kylar has like an unlimited amount of energy. Harry starts to sweat around Cho Chang…no way Harry will win this one.
    Link for top 10 most censored books if you dont believe me:,29569,1842832,00.html

  16. Brent T. says:

    This isn’t even a contest. All Kylar has to do is vanish and walk up behind Harry and shank the poor fool. Anything harry throws at Kylar will just be consumed by the black ka’kari. And even if it DIDN’T. The contest ends on morality. We all know Harry Potter never killed anyone, not even Voldemort. The wand did the work for him and wasted the snake man. He was still trying to disarm the most dangerous wizard of the century.

    Fact is, Kylar is smarter, faster, more agile, and is a stone cold killer when it comes down to it. Harry Potter would be better off fighting 5 trolls at the same time. It might actually add up to the difficulty Kylar has had to deal with in his training….

  17. Timothy says:

    I think Kylar will win. Don’t get me wrong Harry is strong. But up against Kylar, an immortal who has the power to devourer ANYTHING, can turn invisible, and also a master assassin. There’s no contest on who will win.

  18. Alendra says:

    I personally liked The Last Dragon Chronicles ( The Fire Within, Icefire, Firestar, the Fire Eternal and Dark Fire) by Chris D’Lacey;The Warrior Heir, Wizard heir and Dragon heir by Cinda Williams Chima;The Warriors seeirs by Erin Hunter was fantastic;If you want another vampire read, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead was a good book. Though it was a bit adult.Hope this helps!

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