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Cage Match: Kylar Stern v. Julia Wicker

Sadly, I wasn’t able to write this week’s Cage Match because I have one week to turn in my copyedits for The Blinding Knife. However, Suvudu wrote up the fight between Kylar Stern and Lev Grossman’s Julia. Check it out HERE and vote for who you think would win!

(Also, a new poll is up!)

Quick E-Book Promotion & Cage Match Update


For this week only, The Way of Shadows  is available for only $4.99 on all e-book platforms!

Click on your preferred vendor’s link to get the e-book: Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Sony, Google Play.

And for those of you who haven’t voted yet, Kylar Stern’s Cage Match face-off with Harry Potter ends Thursday, 3/15/12 at 5PM  EST. Go HERE to show your support for your favorite!


*UPDATE: The e-book promotion ends March 19.*

Cage Match: Kylar vs. Harry Potter

The Cage Match is now live (fight scene written by yours truly), and posted HERE.

Go vote now for Kylar — er, vote for your favorite character! CAPSLOCK says, “I can’t believe what you did to Harry Potter!” 😉

Scandalous new poll is also up. Check it out. (It’ll be the Men of Midcyru’s turn next week.)

Kylar Wins! Next Up: Harry Potter

First, the good news: Kylar Stern won Round 1 of the Cage Match! Sorry, Gimli.

Thank you to all you fans who voted.

Now for the even better news: Kylar’s next fight will be against Harry Potter.

That’s right folks: the Boy Who Lived will face off with The Boy Who Kills. And I’m writing up the conflict like never seen before. It goes live this Monday, March 12, HERE. Apparently, Hermione is laying down the ground rules.