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To celebrate the mass market paperback launch of The Black Prism on August 23, Orbit and I teamed up with talented filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos to make what I think is the coolest book trailer you will see this year.

“Book trailer?!” you might be saying. “You mean those pale imitations of movie trailers? Except  without the budget or creativity? No thanks.”

My thoughts exactly.

Then I saw a couple of the cool things Leo has done. In the last two months we’ve worked closely together, and Leo has made some magic. The first 14-second teaser was released on Friday on the Black Prism Fan Page on Facebook. A couple more teasers will be released in the next week, along with a few other goodies, and the full two-minute trailer will be up on the 23rd. And my huge thanks to the cast and crew who poured so much passion into this. (Amazing how much work it is to make two minutes, huh?)


4 thoughts on “Black Prism Trailer

  1. I’ll drop this comment here because I just watched the full trailer but there isn’t a blog post about it yet: Do you know about the Moby Awards? They’re awards for book trailers (some good and some not). I released a trailer of my own a couple weeks back, and I’m planning to submit mine. This is good enough that I think you should be sure to do the same.

    Good luck.

    1. Question : Is Kip supposed to be muscular?

      (PS: Is this actually going to be made into an official film?)

    2. Monte Scott Barber says:

      Kip becomes muscular into the 2nd 3rd and 4th book. But no.

  2. Robert Guile says:

    Nah, it would be ruined if made into a movie, now a TV series, I could see that. Its the only way to fit everything in. Its the same way with Hyperion. And yeah.. Kip is supposed to be fat… But people wouldnt understand and relate as much with the trailer if he was in the clip

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