Au-delà des Ombres

So I realized I never put up the French cover of the third book in The Night Angel Trilogy, Au-delà des Ombres. My bad, because Frederic Perrin’s artwork is amazing.

And if you love this artist’s stuff as much as I do, you can now purchase prints of his work (including the images featured on French The Night Angel Trilogy covers)!  Go here to look at the prints, here to contact him for purchases, and here to see some of his other great work.

Without further ado, here’s that amazing cover:

9 thoughts on “Au-delà des Ombres

  1. Ryan mcgannon says:

    Omfg the guys paintings are too epic too describe they are just so amazing

  2. Margherita says:

    Wicked cover!

  3. Carmin~ says:

    Gah! The art is just… awesome!
    I love it 🙂

  4. Jay Bushey says:

    The cover is a masterpeice

  5. P4p3rDr4g0n says:

    Very good cover! Why can not I get this book in other countries? Hungarian side was looking for a popular page ( Unfortunately it was not found. Hungarian translation of the book is not planned?

  6. Jay Ditto says:

    I wish these covers were on the American ones! He should do all your covers!

  7. Lars Sunny says:

    Excellent as always Perrin.

    I am inclined to agree with Jay Ditto. I wasn’t a huge fan of the U.S. covers at first, but over time they’ve grown on me.

    I have a bad habit of judging books by their cover and as a matter of fact it was the cover art that brought my attention to The Way of Shadows. The cover stopped my in my tracks and, to be honest, struck me as quite the cliche. In my hubris I decided to read a few pages, but was humbled timely to say the least; I learned a lesson I will not soon forget.

    I walked out the bookstore with it (after paying for it of course); it was the first book I’ve bought since The Legend of Drizzt Saga ended (huge fan of the artwork). Now, you are one of my most highly regarded authors in the genre (not to say you don’t have your rough edges). You sir are a wordsmith.

  8. Wonderinguy says:

    Indeed nice artwork, but I see no sense, no relation to the story, almost.
    Nice artowork, but not fitting the world and story told there. IMO.

  9. Christian Craft says:


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