Taiwanese Cover of The Way of Shadows

One of the cool things about seeing my books published in other countries is seeing the different aesthetic that other countries appreciate in their fantasy books. I love it, and I think this cover for the Complex Chinese edition of The Way of Shadows is cool, different, and yet faithful to the content of the book. Thank you to Cameron McClure, Gray Tan, and Tai Tien Electrics for bringing this to life.

10 thoughts on “Taiwanese Cover of The Way of Shadows

  1. Demarion says:

    Other countries’ covers are almost more cool then the North American ones.

  2. Jhony says:

    I’ve only seen 3 different covers, the US version, the French and this one, and i like the french cover the most, and i gotta tell you, since i picked TWoS because of the cover, if it had had this cover, i most likely wouldn’t have picked it up, and is that sword supposed to be Retribution? Highly unpractical for an assassin if u ask me

  3. Jonathan says:

    The difference in the covers is pretty hilarious to me.

  4. Jake says:

    I like the cover, very different but good all the same. Saying that, I agree that I probably wouldn’t have picked it up either. The American covers caught my eye, I believe that they were more secretive and shadowy.

  5. Erik says:

    I definitely picked up the trilogy based on the US covers which I think hit a sweet spot for me. But I have to say I think that French cover you posted a year or so ago was just utterly phenomenal. I don’t know if it would have caught my eye as well as the US did, but all in all, I think it was better.

  6. Gabe says:

    I like the North Americain covers, but honestly, I think this one and the French one are just so much better.

  7. Nathan says:

    Brent, why is it that the French and Tiwanese geet cooler covers than us? I mean don’t get me wrong I like our covers too, but I think we should have France surrender it’s awesome cover art to us.

  8. dusty says:

    i honestly like the french cover much more as well. but on an unrelated topic, and im sorry to ask this, especially if it was already said since im just now rereading the books again, what was with the aqueducts in cenaria Mr. Weeks?

  9. Neroli says:

    Wow! The sheer effort put into that illustration alone is impressing enough. I like the US covers, though; they’re simple in their aesthetic and they’re interesting enough that they encourage the reader to open the book and give the content a try—which was precisely what introduced me to the trilogy.

  10. Tim Pierce says:

    Retribution is suppossed to be FREAKING HUGE! of course it’s impractical. But Kylar and A.T. make it work

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