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Taiwanese Cover of The Way of Shadows

One of the cool things about seeing my books published in other countries is seeing the different aesthetic that other countries appreciate in their fantasy books. I love it, and I think this cover for the Complex Chinese edition of The Way of Shadows is cool, different, and yet faithful to the content of the book. Thank you to Cameron McClure, Gray Tan, and Tai Tien Electrics for bringing this to life.

Coming in Complex Chinese

I am happy to report that Fullon Books has made, and I have accepted, an offer to publish the Night Angel trilogy in Complex Chinese. So far as my limited understanding goes, for publishing, China is split into two language “territories”: Simple Chinese and Complex Chinese. Complex Chinese includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Translating big epic fantasy books into Chinese is, I understand, a particular struggle because it simply takes so much more space–and thus more paper, and thus more printing expenses and fewer books per rack, and thus lower inventories, and thus lower profits unless you can sell a lot. So this is awesome, a great vote of confidence from Fullon Books and a cool opportunity. A big thank you to Gray Tan of the Grayhawk Agency and to Cameron McClure of DMLA.