I Can Has Battle Axe?

It’s not often you get a chance to try to take one of these past Homeland Security.


Allegedly, a half-sized one of these guys is the prize for the first inaugural David Gemmell Legend Award for fantasy, for which I have made the short list. Made by the Raven Armoury, this is a replica of Druss the Legend’s axe from a number of Gemmell novels.

So, if you can spare me 8 seconds, I might have quite an adventure. (TSA agent: “Sir, do you have anything to declare?” Brent: “GAAARRRR!!!”)

1) Start my adventure by CLICKING HERE.

2) Find the most deserving book. Find my book.

3) Click the button next to my book.

4) Click “Vote.”

5) Check your watch. If it took you more than 8 seconds, that kindergarten diploma you’re so proud of is a forgery. Err, I meant to say, thank you for thinking so deeply about who truly deserves this award. Ahem.

Regardless of whom you vote for, if you like deep, conflicted characters and fast-paced stories with a side of redemption, read my books. Err, I meant to say, check out David Gemmell. I think you’ll like his work. (Please vote only once and please vote before May 31.)

Oh, and if I win, I will pose a cat with my battle axe. Some of you doubtless understand. Though I don’t know how my friends might take it: ย “Can I borrow your cat?” Why? “Um, I have this big, sharp battle axe…” You sick, nasty piece of work! “No, it’s not like that!”

22 thoughts on “I Can Has Battle Axe?

  1. Shadow says:

    You’re a very funny man, Brent Weeks.

  2. Allison says:

    I voted for you only because I want to see the cat/ax. Just kidding. Good luck!!!! (you shouldn’t need it, your book will win.)

  3. World Cat Rights Association WCRA says:

    We confirm now that no cat will pose for such a picture with a lame half-sized replica of Druss the Legendโ€™s axe. We do have a reputation, Mr. Weeks.

    Nonetheless, you have our vote.
    (So look out for the real axe or there’s no deal!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Dan says:

    After reading brandon sandersons stuff, I have to say I like yours more. (Although I do believe he will do Robert Jordan proud in his last book.) Good luck!

  5. Miranda says:

    This is completely unrelated, but I’ve been wondering, when’s the movie coming out for the first of the trilogy, hmm? Seems like the next logical step for you to take, and I can pretty much guarantee that this would make quite a lot of money as a movie.

    Hell, Eragon was made into a movie and it wasn’t half as good as your work. You’ve got a very original style and your characters have a satisfying amount of depth and whatnot… But I’m not here to flatter you. My point is, please make us a movie, k? 8D But if you do, please make sure it gets cast and scripted well, or it will definitely tarnish your name. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ah… not that I’m trying to order you about or anything and I can’t say I know what I’m talking about considering I only aspire to be a writer myself and I’m currently not even a legal adult. But make us a movie. You hear???

    Now I’m going to go vote for you. Apologies for the insane amount of rambling ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Tricia says:

    You got my vote ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also acquired a couple of tickets to the event and am feeling only mildly queasy in excitement.
    Hopefully see you there, and if needed I also have cats available for posing including one who’s a little simple so won’t know any better.

  7. Christian says:

    Lol, I didn’t know there was a real Raven Amrory. As soon as I saw that name, it made me think of Tamora Pierce Protector of the Small series, when kel is excited to recieve a dagger from a Raven Armory, the best in Tortall…lol…I read too much.

    Also the whole ‘adventure’ thing had me rolling on the floor, literally.

  8. Haydn says:

    Polls are closed. Did you win? Will we see a cat with a battle axe?

    1. brent says:

      Thanks, but as you can see in a more recent post, I actually lost to the Polish writer, who is evidently a huge best seller in Poland–and has been for a while now. I haven’t yet received my mini-axe in the mail, but when I do, I’ll see if I can wrangle a kitten for a photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Liam says:

    i agree with Miranda i love your books and i think it would be awesome if there was a movie i would definitely see the midnight showing do you think you would let it be made into a movie?

  10. Rob says:

    Dear Brent,
    I love your books. The story was amazing. I noticed in the books that you had them published in 2008 and the numbers of the pages adds up to 2008. But if it were turned into a movie there would have to be a lot of skipping around in the story. It might become very confusing to those who have not read the books. A way to get around that would be to make the movies really long or have each one split into two movies.

  11. Mat says:

    I completely agree with making it into a movie. i have fears about this though, it may be come like twilight (which i hate) and be realy popular. I know this would be good for you mr.weeks but i really dont want this to become something that everyone likes. ( i only know one other person not online who has read your books). Also i really fear that the movie will not be good because this series is really dense and even if you took out only a few chapters people who haven’t read these will be completely confused. The last thing is i am a kid and this will probably get rated R so i will not be able to watch it.

  12. Kit says:

    I just got though the first book, and I loved it. Can’t wait to get the next book in a few days. Reason I looked this site up is that I was just thinking that it would be cool to see a movie representation of the book. I would definitely go out to a theater and see it and probably get the dvd/bluray.

  13. Zara says:

    first of all I just have to say I love your books. They’re so interesting and I’m about to re-read them soon. This is an awesome series and I will always say it’s my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, like a few others have said, I really think that if these books get turned into movies I would be all thumbs up for it.
    Of course, the actors would have to have a real understanding of the characters to be able to pull them off, but it would be worth it in the end. And as for the rating, it would have to be atleast MA15+.
    Well, now you know how I feel, I think you should consider making them into movies ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. mikeytre says:

    yeah please try to make it a movie and dont mess it up like the series of unfortunate events and make it a different story. just make 4 films instead of three, but this is only if you want to also dont make it tame so that little kids can see it if anything small 15 mabey if you cant watch it just get your parents to buy it for you.
    this would be the best film in the history of fantasy in my opinion, mabey lord of the rings would be a match.but it would be my favorite movie!
    ps i am going to travel around the world next year it will be on TV too. watch out for a programme on chanel 4 called ‘Family gap year’ thanks
    mike tregembo

  15. Alex says:

    Another person adding to the idea of a movie. With the amount of depth in your books, while still being able to capture the real beauty and truth to the plot line and sick irony, it would have to be three [very] long movies. The style of Lord of the Rings comes to mind. If I were you, I wouldn’t give any movie production company rights to a movie about your book unless the movie has at least a 100 mil budget.

  16. alex c says:

    yet another person about movie ideal, with enough money and good people, it would be the best movie in the history of life.

    but make it four movies. the seris is simply to awesome for only three. just don`t make it like erogon(wich turend out to be the bigest dissepointment in life)

    as great as a movie be, i’d think about it. i could see a major dessepoint in a movie,

  17. Annette says:

    Brent, please tell me you will have rights to your movie! It would make me very sad if you sold the rights and your movies turned into crap like Eragon! TT.TT

  18. Jake K says:

    Hey all, and espeially hey to Brent Weeks ( I don’t DO mister…)

    First off, I’d like to say you’re books are amazing, some of the best i’ve ever read. You ahve been a alrge inspiration to me to actually start up writitng again.

    As for this whole ‘movie’ issue, I’d say leave it. There are not enough good actors to give your characters justice, and even if hollywood gets the film rights, they’d only make it horrible and put people off reading your books. But if it is to be amde, insist either Peter Jackson or James Cameron directs it.

    On the same note, instead of a movie series, try video games. I’d love to play as Durzo, Kylar or any of the other characters.

    But you’d ahve to make the game awwesome, massive and free roaming. As an idea, maybe not have it set during the night angle trilogy, but before where you can play as an incarnation of Durzo.

    Right that’s enough rambling, see ya.

  19. Kaiden says:

    I agree, i would love to see it be made into a movie, that deltora’s quest series has been turned into a show, and plenty of other books have been made into movies, so i think they would be great if they were made into movies, hopefully if movies are made there made good, good actors and a decent movie budget to make good effects. That is my opinion, and hopefully i will get to see the movies made sometime in the future ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Nick says:

    Dude, make this into a movie, but dont take any of the good stuff out! Even if it lasts as long as it takes to read the book, keep everything for the movie!

  21. Tom says:

    Did you get the axe?

    Robert Jordans Wheel of Time has been my clear favorite fantasy series for years….but I just finished the night angel trilogy recently, and I’ve got to say its dam close.
    Night Angel trilogy: Close second favorite fantasy books. Easily favorite assassin series (used to be Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy)

    p.s. dont make a movie unless they spending lots of $$ on it….hate to see another good book turned into an epically crappy movie

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