Fan Art Contest Winner

The winner of the Fan Art Contest is Meaghan Beninati with this cool rendition of Vi in Caernarvon:


(Click to enlarge)

Congratulations, Meaghan. (Check her website for other cool stuff.) Great work. I wish I had half of your talent. You will be receiving a signed set of the Night Angel Trilogy, made out to whomever you want. (Check someone off that Christmas list!)

I got lots of cool entries for this contest, (and hated having to choose just one winner) so I will be posting all of the fan art (of those entrants who give me permission) into the pictures area of the forum. So give that a day or so for people to tell me yes or no, and then you should be able to find some more great fan art all in one place.

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Contest Winner

  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t mind if you show mine, they’re simply a tribute to a wonderful book. Congratualtions to Meaghan, it’s an amazing piece.

  2. mcpancakes says:

    could we please have another contest? i feel ashamed for not entering into this last one

  3. Wendi Quammen says:

    I agree. There should be another contest.
    I’m upset that I didn’t even know about it until after it had ended. (Or at least I think it was…either that, or it was a day before it ended)

    I’d really like another chance to enter some artwork. I really want to read the rest of the series.

  4. revelation says:

    great pic, it was truly outstanding

  5. Zeotcho says:

    This is too amazing of a coincidence not to share. I found this page while still reading Shadow’s Edge. Now, avid reader and aspiring author that I am, I was reading at one in the morning for fun. Back on subject, I just sat the book down and decided to see what I could find for imagery of this series, and thus searched fan art. As this page appeared, I was stunned to see on this web page what I had just read on that book page! Very creepy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope whoever reads this amazing coincidence will have enjoyed it enough to comment on it, otherwise I’ll get self-conscious and lose hope in the social capabilities of those select few literate young adults like myself. Mr. Weeks, you’re amazing, simple as that. I haven’t regretted a minute of reading the Night Angel trilogy, although my girlfriend may not like me spending so much time with your books instead of her. xD

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