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The fan art contest deadline is December 1st. If you wish to participate, please email me a .jpg of your art at brent[dot]a[dot]weeks[at]gmail[dot]com. You can submit as many pieces as you wish. The winner will receive signed copies of the Night Angel Trilogy, and your art will be posted on this webpage for a billion fans to adore. (That is, if you tell 999,998,000 of your friends to come look.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all can do!

12 thoughts on “Fan Art Contest

  1. brent says:

    Oh, and it can be any character or scene from the book. Erm, except no “black snitch,” Raezyn.

  2. QuietScribe says:

    Heya, just found your website after reading your wonderful books. Short deadline, not sure if Ill be able to do it on time, but Ill have a go.

    I take it all artists submitting work retain their copyright except for allowances for posting here?

  3. brent says:

    Yes, absolutely. You keep all rights. I just post it here.

  4. Shadow Wolf says:

    Dammit! i JUST found your website (even though I’ve read the first two books as soon as they came out) and today is the 29th of November…. any chance extending the deadline?

  5. Raelynn says:

    Oh man. I got singled out to not draw the “black stitch”? How sad!
    Yes, yes~

    I wish everyone luck!

  6. QuietScribe says:

    Ill send my contribution later today. Its not nearly as complete as I wanted it to be, but its getting better. I hope the deadline was including the 1st of December heh.

  7. Matt says:

    damn. i just found this website today.
    i picked up the first two books at border’s the other day and started reading way of shadows. i love it so far! i’d like to do some fan art of it, too bad i missed the deadline, ill probly end up doing some anyways 😀
    keep up the good work

  8. Syku says:

    Aaw, I just found this website today too. A shame the deadline was so close.

  9. mcpancakes says:

    only now do i discover a website not only dedicated to the series im reading, but a fan art contest?? damn… i wish i lived on this computer more…

    any chance of having your own website dedicated to fanart? i know the contest has ended, but i wouldnt mind having a section of the website for the fan art. i would love to see everyones interpretation of certain scenes in the book.

  10. revelation says:

    i too would love to admire everyones fanart i would like to see everyones outlook on azoth and kylar…and durzo,and vi,adn etc.i would submitt my art but uh it not to good.

  11. SantaPenguin says:

    When will we have a contest for literature fan art? i’m just itching to write something in Midcyru… something Ymmuri.. or maybe Sethi…

    hmmm …

  12. Kyle Derasp says:

    Mr. Weeks your books are the most amazing pieces i have ever wread. One look into the im i have been hooked. Unfortunatley i am unalbe to submit an art for you but i jsut wanted to comment on your amazing books. Thows of which i am reading backwards haha. If you ever get offers for movies. lemme know haha . I want in lol.. 😛

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