Close to Klingons Halloween Contest & Fan Art Contest

Should I reward madness?

Well, I’m going to. I know of at least one fan who intends to go to a Halloween party as Durzo Blint or Kylar Stern. So I have a VERY short notice Halloween Contest, wherein whomever has the best Night Angel Trilogy costume gets a signed copy of The Way of Shadows. I may–or may not if the winner goes as Vi–post the winning photograph. Send your entries to brent dot a dot weeks at gmail dot com. (Make appropriate substitutions for dots and the ampersand.) If there’s only one entry, well, he wins. If the winner wishes to have a signed copy of Shadow’s Edge or Beyond the Shadows instead, I will be happy to oblige. (Though I can only send Beyond the Shadows once I get it.)

Second, I have recently seen some pretty amazing fan art. Check HERE and HERE by Ajahli. Her blog HERE. So here’s a contest that already has a strong front-runner. Whoever submits the best fan art by November 30 will get signed copies of the entire trilogy, made out to whomever they wish, and mailed to them. Because I have no artistic talent myself, I have to confess I’m thrilled. Soo cool.

Please entitle your email “Costume Contest” or “Fan Art Contest” so I can sort them easily. Thanks.

Oh, I’ve also updated the Reviews page. If I’ve missed reviews on the intarwebs that are helpful, please post or shoot me an email. I’ll flag reviews that have too many spoilers.

21 thoughts on “Close to Klingons Halloween Contest & Fan Art Contest

  1. Heather says:

    So I finished the second book and threw a fit…though I am overjoyed that I will be getting the last book within a month instead of years…I am annoyed I even have to wait that long. I even slowed down my reading to drag it out as long as possible but darn you WEEKS! YOu had to go and throw major wrenches into the story. In my opinion your ripping apart everything did not rip off anything but instead made it much meatier and less THE HERO ALWAYS WINS. I can’t even begin to wonder how in the bloody hell you intend to wrap this up. I almost have a feeling it will end like THe Last Argument of Kings byt Joe Abercrombie…it just does. You have totally pushed my judgement bar so high that I am afraid I will only be able to read you and Joe from now on. WOW!

  2. Ajahli says:

    adjhadgwtf contest! Thanks for linking me. Yaay.

    Got my copy of the book today! I’m already on Chapter 13 8D;; I am trying my hardest not to cheat and peek ahead…

  3. brent says:

    Heather, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being darned in capital letter more. 🙂 And thanks for being careful not to post spoilers.

    Ajahli, Don’t cheat. You’ll ruin a wonderful twist. (The same one that has Heather so happy, I’d bet.) Heheh.

  4. Heather says:

    I can’t wait to meet you at the Powells event in November. I would love to pick your brain. How in the ruddy hell did you come up with such a brilliant living story? As I look to participate in National Novel Writing Month…along with Ajahli for the the first time…You and Joe Abercrombie have really made fantasy fun and more “meatier”-I know I keep saying that! I really can’t wait to read more of your work.
    As for the contest…does it count if I have the fire red hair even though it is short? Can I just send a pic of my hair for VI? I can’t draw so what about maybe having a contest where you pick characters and we write something short or something?
    I am addicted to this world!

  5. Heather says:

    Odd question…are you a fan of Stargate Atlantis by any chance? I keep suggesting your first book to Joseph Mallozzi’s BOTM club…suggested it when he asked us for underated authors and I threw your name out even though this is a new series…I just love this trilogy so I will continue to suggest it to MR. Joe.

  6. Heather says:

    Okay so due to some serious pain medication my previous comment came out all bassakwards…what I meant was that he wanted suggestions of authors that aren’t given the attention they deserve.

  7. Santiago says:

    Hey Mr. Weeks,

    I just read your first novel, Way of Shadows, and I was amazed. Most days I only read 100-150 pages, but yesterday(saturday the first of november) I read roughly 500 pages of your first book. I don’t have the second installment in the trilogy yet, but I plan to get it very soon!
    I also read your interview in the back and was overjoyed to hear that after this trilogy you have more books coming 😀

  8. Josh Mitchell says:

    Bravo Sir…Way of Shadows and Shadows Edge were fantastic. I am eagerly waiting for the third book to come out. Your books have made my lunch break more enjoyable. I finished book 1 while on a conference call for client project walkthrough. Top notch world and well realized characters.Truly a pleasure to read.

    Keep churning them out and we’ll keep reading…

  9. brent says:

    Hey, all,
    I plan to have the Halloween contest results up Wednesday. Waiting for one more entrant (actually, the first person who told me he was going as Kylar for Halloween).
    Josh, I just hope you don’t build bridges or something. I’m imagining you saying, “Yup, looks solid to me,” as you’re going through the last few pages of TWoS. *grin
    Santiago, Glad to keep you turning pages. I hope I keep it up!
    Heather, you get one free pass for anything said under the influence of legal drugs. Hehe. No, I don’t watch Stargate Atlantis, or much TV at all. And nice try with the red hair thing. Thank you for throwing my name around wherever you get the chance!

  10. Santiago says:

    Yeah I am sure you will, just ordered your next book and pre ordered the last one in the trilogy…Btw if Beezer hasn’t already let you know, he has a review up of your first book, and I knew he would give you a 5/5 😛

  11. Paul Karyakos says:

    You have my email with the photos now Brent >D

    Also, why am I out of the loop on the second book? I told borders to call me when they get it yet some have it and I don’t.

    I will cause a ruckus if I don’t get my copy soon.

  12. Drew says:


    I just finished Shadow’s Edge. And it isn’t as good as The Way of Shadows. It is better. The epilogue’s ending made me very happy. I wish I could say why, but it would spoil it for others. Can’t wait for Beyond the Shadows. One question. Just how big is the Godking’s family tree?

  13. Ajahli says:


    I just finished Shadow’s Edge. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A MONTH. For ten minutes I have been asking the book “WHAT??”

    DAMN. I have to wait till December. I’m gunna go cry now.

  14. Bobby says:


  15. revelation says:

    i two must know is there to be fourth or no. i hope so

  16. revelation says:


  17. Someone says:

    K, I read the three books (The Trilogy) and I wanted to know if there was any chance that a fourth book was going to come out????

  18. Jon says:

    Hey, Im working on the 3rd of the trilogy, great story, love the characters. I see that you have leaked the cover of your next book. Are any of the characters continued in this next one or will there be another with Kylar?

    Next question, I’m curious to see the fan art and costumes, where do i pull them up?

  19. Ryan Nischan says:

    I love your books. They bumped their way into my top three favorite trilogies. Hoping for more.

  20. nicholas tatum says:

    Mr. Brent Weeks, your books are sooo amazing. I never read, and your books have changed that by far. i’ve read perfect shadow, and the night angel trilogy. In fact im re reading the trilogy now. You have a great talent. dont stop writing.

  21. nicholas tatum says:

    ANOTHER thing… that i truly loved about your books, is that it always kept you on your toes.. and guessing what would happen next. nothing was ever predictable. I would love to see a 4th book of it, just so it wouldnt have to end.. but i guess that would ruin the trilogy.. part of it. I would also like to see this series made into a movie 😀 great work Mr. Weeks.

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