Award Nomination & the best review ever

I have been nominated for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy. When December 26th rolls around, fans will get to vote for finalists. Judges will then pick the winner. More info HERE. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. I’d say vote early, vote often–but I might have some haxors as fans, and that would be wrong. (So just vote often.)

And while doing a good old-fashioned vanity googling, I found my best review ever HERE. Thanks, Wolfgirl20.

17 thoughts on “Award Nomination & the best review ever

  1. Heather says:

    I just wanted to say…WOW…I love the first book and can’t wait for the next two. Thank you for getting them out so quickly! You moved right up there with Abercrombie as my new favorite author. I hope that if you do a signing here in the Portland area I get to say thanks face to face.

  2. edifanob says:

    Hello Brent,

    today I received an invitation from Orbit UK to read the first chapter of The Way of Shadows. Today I have a day off and therefore some time. So I grabbed the chance and read………WOW !! I got angry when I reached the end because I wanted to continue reading immediately. I really enjoyed this first chapter. It’s so full of life and imagination. I had to stop in between in order to take a look whether there is a spider on my leg or not. CONCLUSION: BUY AND READ THE BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    By the way I signed up for

    AND I will definitely vote for your book after I read it.

  3. Savannah (Wolfgirl20) says:

    Thanks for the props on the picture/review, Mr. Weeks. Like I said, I couldn’t (and still can’t) put it down! It’s so good! I’m so happy you are publishing each book in the last three months of the year. I think I would DIE if I had to wait any longer!
    Your writing style is great! Durzo is most definitely my favorite character! I was shocked when he risked Kylar’s life just so he could show he didn’t care about the lives of others. Brilliant! You keep me guessing after almost every page!
    Really, the cover art is what grabbed my attention. I was on a trip one weekend and we stopped at a bookstore. I was determined to find a good book, and that’s exactly what I did!

    Frankly, you rock, Mr. Brent Weeks! I can’t wait for the next two!

  4. Drew says:

    This is awesome. I will be sure to vote . Best of luck!

  5. brent says:

    Thanks, all. I have to say, getting your comments has been a blast.
    Heather, I will be at a multi-author signing at the Beaverton, Oregon Powells Books on November 20th. I’ll be there with actual established authors, so come look for the guy with the short line!
    Edifanob, thanks, man. I think I wrote about 20 different first scenes for that book, just pounding away at them, over and over. Editing, tweaking, trimming…Nothing worked. Then, one day, I sat down and that one just came out whole, really easy. I barely had to edit it at all. So I’m glad you’re happy with it, too. 🙂
    And Savannah, thanks. It’s great to see your enthusiasm… And keep up your art!

  6. Savannah (Wolfgirl20) says:

    There are a few questions that I didn’t put in my last comment that I meant to ask you.

    1. I noticed in your book, you have many Japanese words and references. For instance, ‘Kage’ means ‘shadow’ in Japanese, and you described that when Kylar went to fight in the Death Games. Did you study Japanese before writing this book?

    2. What was your motivation to finish your first book ever?

    3. Did you base your characters off of anyone, or did they just come out of the blue?

    Thank you again!

  7. Heather says:

    I am so there on the 20th…and thankfully I only live 5 minutes away from Powells…do you know what time the signing is…see I have made a vow not to go into anymore bookstores until your next book comes out or I will end up buying more books that I don’t have the time to read.

  8. hnu says:

    hi! i just read the first chapter and i think you have a winner there. i’ll certainly get my hands as soon as possible on all three books and, if they’re as good as the reviews and the first chapter, then you’ll certainly have my vote. in the meantime, is there a way to get in contact with you? i’d like to discuss about the possibility of a romanian translation… thanks! and good luck! and, above all, keep ’em coming!

  9. edifanob says:

    Thank you for your reply. To be honest: I couldn’t wait and so I ordered my copy of The Way of Shadows today at Unfortunately they couldn’t tell me the delivery date so far. But I hope I don’t have to wait too long. I’m so excited to read the book….

  10. Hannah E. says:

    I purchased your book over my fall break. I have read all of it except the last 25 pages. Your book is not like other books that I’ve read (and that’s a wide variety of a lot of books). Your book is great. I have not been able to predict anything at all and that is fantastic. I don’t like predictable books. I am one of those quirky people that reads acknowledgements and about authors. You’re hilarious. I love to write and I would like to start a career backwards like you did. I love your book. I was also wondering if it was your idea to have all three books come out one after the other. That is pure genius. For an avid reader like myself, that makes me happy beyond compare. You always find this really great series and you’re finished with one book and you have to wait a year to get the next one. I hate that. Anyway, all i wanted to tell you is that your book is fantastic and i can’t wait for the other two, and also what you havein store for the future. What can I say, i’m a fan. I have one question though. It seems to me not only does the book have a japanese influence, but also a german influence. I was wondering if that was true? You also gave me inspiration to draw a really great picture (the version of kylar in my head). Thanks for reading. 🙂

  11. brent says:

    Savannah, I do have a love for Japanese culture, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t consciously know “Kage” meant shadow. No wonder I thought it had the right connotations! Doh. My motivations for finishing? There were lots, but they boil down to wanting to share this story (which I thought was pretty good) with other people… and hopefully to be able to make a living doing it. Last, I don’t really base my characters off of anyone. Well, not consciously. *grin
    Hannah, I’m not sure if Orbit was already looking for fast publication, but because I was almost done with all three books, I know my agent was pitching the trilogy that way. So was it my idea? Well, I first heard of it happening with Naomi Novik (the Temeraire books), and I thought it was a great idea. I think I’m the first debut author who’s having his books quickly released, but I didn’t come up with the idea. I’m just a big fan of it. Regarding German influence, I did have a guy ask if I knew Wagner’s Ring cycle (operas), and I do, and there are some similarities. Although none of my characters–to my knowledge–will stand around singing a solo for twenty minutes, be joined by one character, sing a duet for twenty minutes, then leave and let the second character sing for another twenty minutes. Wagner is opera for the steel-butted. I love finding cool things about all sorts of different cultures and turning them to serve my purposes. Wow, that sounded kind of evil.
    Heather, I have no idea when the signing is. I’ll post that info when I know.

  12. Tyler Gambrel says:

    I have hated reading my whole life. After being told i needed to for years. I finally picked up the first book and now i can’t wait to read the rest of the books. It was a great book and kept me guessing the whole time. I have changed my mind about reading and really enjoy it now.
    Thanks Brent

  13. Drason says:

    I found this book this weekend at Barnes and Nobles. I am always looking for a nice trilogy or sextology(urban dictionary).

    I was stoked to see on the inside cover that I could purchase the two remaining books inside 2 months. Thanks for cranking this out – I enjoyed this first one. I’ll swing by borders to get the early read of the second one and suffer 6 weeks for the third one. I look forward to what you publish in the future as you develop in the next few years.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Box131313 says:

    “He11 Yeah!”
    “Brent Weeks for President”…not joking.

  15. JeanNiBee says:

    I purchased this book on a whim knowing nothing about the author or the story.. this was on Tuesday afternoon.

    I was done by Thursday.

    I am biting my nails in anticipation for the next parts of the trilogy.

    Not since Gemmell wrote Legend have I been so engrossed in a story.

    Excellent work. Very original, gripping and well written.

  16. revelation says:

    first i did love your books but i have to disagree with hannah i was able to predict most of what happened but the thing is even though i predicted it i still enjoyed reading it because it happened in a way my prediction all though correct could not have possibly imagined and i found that amazing in it self.

  17. revelation says:

    love your books mr.weeks keep them coming

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