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Get Pop-Cultured: Graphic Novel Sampler

Get Pop-Cultured: Graphic Novel Sampler

As part of their Get Pop-Cultured event, Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive chapter sampler of The Way of Shadows graphic novel!

From July 18-20 you can get a FREE copy of the sampler at any participating Barnes & Noble. Go HERE to see more details and other giveaways!

The Way of Shadows graphic novel sampler cover


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  1. Nerdgasm!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any way we can get ahold of this in Australia, without B&N? Also, is it going to be colour, or black and white?

  3. Ahhhhh I haven’t been by in a long, long while but YAY! I’m looking forward to getting my hand on this!!

  4. When does the full graphic novel come out? Nearest Barnes&Noble is too far away

  5. Will this be available on Comixology when it’s released?

  6. Gonna cry a little bit ; u;

  7. I can’t wait for the real one but I think the cover looks to mutch like a marvel comic

  8. I’m glad this is coming out in October, another book to put on my list along with the Peripheral!

    Will this sample be made available at some point on the site though? I could never get this where I live, and I know I’m not alone…

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