Lightbringer #3 Update (Early 2013)

“So when’s the next book out, Weeks?”

When I was on my book tour a few months ago, I expressed my hope that the next book in The Lightbringer Series might, might be out in a year. (I was careful not to promise: I’ve learned from others’ mistakes!) So now, of course, with fans having patiently waited for five whole months (!) I’m getting more emails asking, “Hey, when can I further fund your lavish lavish lifestyle, O Master Weeks?”* (*actual quotes may bear no relation to reality)

Neil Gaiman might tell you that you haven’t any right to ask. I gave you a good story, o book buyer, so shut up.** (**Not an accurate paraphrase) But as I made the mistake of publicly disagreeing with an SFF icon, it seems to me I should put up or shut up. So here’s the word in brief: No New Lightbringer Book from Weeks in 2013.

For those of you who want to know a bit of the why, continue reading.

You epic fantasy fans may be familiar with Tolkien’s quote that “the story grew in the telling.” So it’s been with The Lightbringer Series. I’d planned for book 3 to be a bit shorter. (By which I mean 600+ pages, about the length of The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge–not short books.) I’m a fairly consistent daily producer of pages, and if I’d made this book as long as I’d planned it to be, it would indeed have been published late this year. But… it’s longer. It’s longer than The Way of Shadows. It’s longer than Shadow’s Edge. It’s now longer than Beyond the Shadows. It will likely be longer than The Black Prism.

The work? It’s going well. I’m really pleased with the progress of this one. Where I was proud of The Blinding Knife because the story flew–high tension to high tension to surprise, with the world expanding and characters deepening all over the place–in this next book I’ve chosen to deepen the resonance while keeping a breakneck pace and not adding any fluff. (Title still to be determined. I’ve been calling it The Blood Mirror just to call it something, but that works better as a title for book 4, and my editor hasn’t liked any alternative titles I’ve proposed yet. Nor, to be honest, have I.)

It’s been my philosophy to write the best books I can, as fast as I can. To be honest, where I am in my career, I could make the most money by cranking out books faster.

But I’m making a living writing–that is my wildest dream, and you fans have given that to me. I have no interest in “cranking out books” to put as much of your money in my pocket as possible. I believe I owe my fans and myself the best stories I have it in me to tell. In this case, that means some more waiting for all of us. I’ve had long talks with my agent and editor about this, and they are both successful enough and wise enough that they’ve told me to get it right, to have fun with it, and to make it the best book it can be.

The writing is going brilliantly. I haven’t been stuck once. (Well, not for more than a day or so.) Yesterday, I finished a scene I think will stick with you, maybe forever. There are loose ends to be tied. There are hints to add about the series resolution. There’s a finale to write. I’m productive, having fun, and writing as well or better than I’ve ever written in my life.

I understand if that isn’t happening fast enough for you. I simply hope that when I give you the final product, it will more than make up for the wait.

You can expect another longish update on or before September 2013.

154 Responses to “Lightbringer #3 Update (Early 2013)”

  1. Kristoffer

    I have read everyone one of your books. I read the Night Angel Trilogy and the following books in that series twice, and it was amazing both times. However the Light bringer series is so good and inspirational I just can’t wait for more. Thank you so much for all the boring days and nights you saved me from, but now nothing I read can compare, Damn you. You have cultivated a fan for life in me and i just simple can not wait for whats next. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

    • Søren

      Hey Kristoffer,
      Maybe you should try to get a hold of Patrick Rothfuss, a fellow fantasy writer. It feels a litte wrong to praise another writer on this forum, but his books might just be what you are looking for while waiting 🙂

      • Krane

        There are so many good sci if-fantasy writers out that spin the most incredible yarns, Robin Hobb, Jennifer Fallon, Elspeth Cooper,Joe Abercrombie,John Kirkpatrick, the list goes on it doesn’t matter you’re preferred style all of these authors will have you hooked.Not to take anything away from Brent Weeks He’s certainly one of my favourite’s. I’ve read the night angel trilogy, brilliant. For a bit of reading in between try these authors,can’t wait for the third light bringer instalment ,and hope like hell he can make a fourth.

        • Mat Chamley

          Not one mention of the late, great David Gemmell?????

          • Vader

            I am realy liking brent weeks but I’m with u mat can’t no one touch the great David g and I’ve tried

          • Vader

            It takes a really great book to become a”legend”

        • James

          I highly recommend Patrick Rothfuss. I just finished A wise mans fear (book 2 in the Kingkiller chronicles) and it was amazing. definitely a good series to read while waiting for the next lightbringer book.

      • CarolynLG

        Excellent suggestion as Patrick Rothfuss’ books are just as engaging. However, you have to be ready to start yet another unfinished series. This is a frustrating time to be a fantasy/sci fi reader.

        Just please don’t pull a George RR Martin on us! or worse yet, a Robert Jordan (though at least Brandon Sanderson did get that one finished!)

      • Sky

        I’ve also read Rothfuss and Weeks, both amazing. Also recommend Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, and Terry Goodkind. All their books rate among the best I’ve ever read.

    • Hannavas


    • Gghfkt

      Try the wheel of time by Robert jorden or the stormlight archive by branden Sanderson. But yes the light bringer series is extremely well written, looking forward to the next book.

      • Matteo

        Wheel of Time is just depressing. And long. So verrrrrrrry long… But Its still a great series.

    • Mark Hedl

      Yes, but read those books as slowly as you can manage as said “other author” is leaving a years long trail of expectant readers in his wake as well. (No offense meant Weeks and thank you for the detailed update!)

    • Vivienen

      Thanks for the update Weeks. My daughter introduced your work to me and I must say you do write very readable books 😀 As for the third Lightbringer book: take your time. After the wait I’ve had/am having for Melanie Rawns Capta’ls Tower 5 months is no time at all. I look forward to what I am sure will be a very absorbing read.

      You keep writing and we’ll keep reading! 🙂

    • Hugh Jazz

      You should try reading some of John Marco’s novels. I can’t recall the series names off of the top of my head, but the books are called “Eyes of God”, “The Devils Armour”, and “The Sword of Angels”. My personal favourite series is The Malazan Book of the Fallen, but that is not a slight project. It should take many months (up to a year or so) to truly finish and understand each story. Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont are some of the most creative and brilliant authors I’ve ever read about. Brent Weeks is fantastic too, but sometimes you gotta look elsewhere while authors are writing.

  2. Rikkie Wolf

    Weeks I have read all of your books, The Night Angel Trilogy became one of my Favorite books to read and listen to when I’m to busy to be able to pick up a book, Same goes for the Light Bringer, I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Your books have also Inspired me, I have been a short story writer for years now slowly working on getting my first book published (so much fun trying to do that) But your books have shown me how far i can go with my own stories and my book changing how i look at my story and where it will end up. I want to thank you for what you do and please keep on Writing Maybe one day I too will be able to make a living off of writing.

  3. Harold

    I am a fan of Terry Brooks and to be honest he’s a hard author to beat, but Weeks comes close. I started reading The Night Angel and became instantly hooked. I love The Night Angel Trilogy. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that I could only get The Perfect Shadow by downloading it or spend $135+ for the hard cover. I spent the money and it wasn’t a disappointment. The Black Prism almost made me stop reading Weeks’ work. The first 100 pages was hard to get through. But I stuck it out and it is a great story and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment. “The Blood Mirror” makes a great title and I’m hoping the that he makes a fourth book. I really enjoy Weeks’ work and I hope he keeps up the great work. I would really like to see a Brooks and Weeks co-authored series, but that’s just me. I also think that if done right The Night Angel trilogy would make a great 3 part movie. I just hope it doesn’t screw up the Trilogy I have played out in my head.

  4. Christina Jacobson

    After reading your Night Angel Trilogy my entire taste in books changed. Before I read your books I was drawn to more “safe” fantasy books, like the kind Terry Brooks would produce. Not that I don’t respect him, he is an amazing writer, but now I find stories such as those cannot hold my interest. I am not really sure that is a good thing however; because now I have such high expectations of the authors I read I have a hard time finding books I like.

    Fans bother you about when the next book is going to be out, and it is hard to wait. But I appreciate you taking the time to write the book till it meets your standards. I’d rather it be amazing and wait a little bit longer then get a sloppy sequel. It is quite evident that you are putting your best effort into writing for us and I thank you for that.


  5. tim whitely

    I’ve just finished the Lightbringer books having loved the Nightangel books. The character building and magic creation was fantastic.Also read the Neil Gaiman comments from your link and fully agree with his (and your) position. I’ve been been waiting for further instalments from Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson but I realise (as they must have) that the series probably couldn’t be finished in one book. The Kingkiller series, for instance, is at a point where to finish the series in one book would be unsatisfying. Thank you for your worlds you have lent us. I’ve visited them, with your implied permission, and enjoyed the trip. Look forward to more. I’m reading Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie at the moment. Could you advise another author into whose work I could immerse myself?

    • Margaret

      Give Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry a go.

    • Lightbriger

      Mark Lawrence!!! I promise you won’t be disappopnted

    • Rhys

      Anthony Ryan Blood song and Will Wight the travelers gate trilogy. Awsome books. As for the third in the series Brent take your time, many of your readers have been taught patience by George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss and Robert Jordan. We can survive a little wait for a great book.

  6. Norman Bartley

    I love Brent Weeks books and have read everything he has published to date. The Night Angel trilogy was amazing and actually got me reading. I couldn’t find many books or authors that could hold my attention until I found Weeks. Every series he has written would make great movies as long as the screenwriter stays true to the books. I can’t wait till the next Lightbringer book hits the shelves. No matter the name.

    • Johannes

      I totally agree. It is not very often that I think that a book would be suitable being turned into a TV show but Lightbringer absolutely is and should be.

  7. Josh

    I have also read all of your books sir. The Lightbringer series has been a pleasure to read an I am eagerly looking forward to the third book. I do understand you taking your time to enjoy your passion and I appreciate that I can enjoy your creations. Longtime favorite book series’ have been the Sword of Truth series and the Wheel of Time series but to be perfectly honost none of them struck me on the same level that the NightAngel Trilogy did. That series I can read over and over and it never fails to inspire me. Like your fan Christinia Jacobson, after reading that series my taste in books has taken a very much more gritty and real turn. You have a fan for life here, I look forward to all of work to come, whenever they come. Thanks so much for working so hard to bring us these stories.

  8. Johannes

    I hope for an update on this post:-)
    I am reading a lot of fantasy and I rarely enjoyed books as I did yours. I have a masters degree in chemisty and I just loved the concept of magic born out of the spectrum of light. I hope very much that you give us the next book really soon but please let us wait if you have the feeling you may do better by working a bit longer on it. I cannot imagin that anyone who reads your books wouldn’t want to wait for this book. You very fast became one my top five fantasy authors and I hope you are feling ok in the company of George Martin, Guy Gavriel Kay, Robert Jordan and Robin Hobb. Best wishes from Germany.

  9. Karmela

    I’m 14 year – old girl and I want to be a writer. Fantasy is my favourite to reading and The Lightbringer is realy great (I think it’s better then The Night Angel Trilogy). When I’m reading your books I like thinking “One day I’ll write so good fantasy book like Brent!”. Your books are funny and interesting – keep it up! I hope I’ll be so good in writing like you 🙂
    P.S. Sorry for any mistakes – english isn’t my native language.

  10. HerosDamitorum

    I love your books, I’ve read every last one, I even purchased an e-reader just to read some of them. I have to say when I first picked up book one of the Night Angel Trilogy I was skeptical to say the least. I’m not big on reading books from writers I’ve never heard of; however, I gave it a read & never regretted any of it, you sir are an amazing author keep up the fantastic work. if you do you can expect me to continue purchasing both your physical and digital versions, because I just can’t put them down! I’m re-reading the Light Bringer series again for the 6th time now & can not wait for the next installment. I’m positive it will be worth every second of the wait though.
    Thanks for the hours of enjoyment your books have brought to all your fans
    An avid fan

  11. WilliamH

    I think for my personal taste, the brilliant story telling ability aside, the story of the light bringer series is marvelous, interwoven and just magical, take all the time you need Brent, (not that you need me to tell you that). And if its anything like the last one ill be one incredibly satisfied customer.

    On the subject of authors who people liked, I found the most useful way to find books i would enjoy was to use the books app on ipad and see what other people who bought brent’s very fine works also bought. And as mentioned the names that seemed to crop up were:

    Brandon Sanderson, (i started with the mistborn trillogy)
    Peter Brett (debut)
    Patrick Rothfuss (debut)

    Those three for me combined the style I like, the uniqueness of concept and some pretty good story telling, and did it nearly as well as the lightbringer series.

    Mark Lawrence (broken empire series) is a bit darker and less magic driven, much more akin the night angel, though personally it didnt suck me in.

    Michael Sullivan, (riyria revelations series) once again closer to the night angel trillogy, less heavy on the magic. Not as dark and disturbing, but it got me hooked all the same.

  12. Hannavas

    The Night Angel Trilogy has been my favorite series of books since i read the first the chapter, i just fell in love with those books so your really going to have to do your best to top the Night Angel Trilogy.
    Sincerely, your slave and servant, Hannavas.
    PS. Kylar is my fictional hero, your my real life hero. Thanks for everything you’ve written. You’ve made me one hell of a happy girl.

  13. Robert Word

    I am waiting.
    You know you’re good.
    As insensitive as this may sound
    I really want to read the finished stories from you.
    Work harder
    Work faster.
    Don’t leave it for some other writer to finish.
    No disrespect intended.

  14. Logan

    Brent Weeks,

    You’re a great author. I’ve given your books my sole attention the last few weeks, and I just finished the Binding Knife. You’ve got a great habit of leaving off at random spots that make it to where I won’t rest til I finish your next book.

    WAIT. NOT TILL 2014?


    Keep Writing, Brent Weeks. This has been my favorite series, ever.

    Thank you,

    Logan Cooper/

    Aka Skye.

    (If anyone reading this likes to Play League of Legends, and is looking for a Ranked Duo Partner to get out of Bronze V, Add Storm of Angels. I play mid/top/jungle/adc/support. )

  15. Razz

    Can’t wait for book number three. Take all the time you need.

    Those of you looking for fillers, read Brandon Sanderson, Peter Brett, Patrick Rothfuss, and Anthony Ryan(blood song) books.

  16. Sean Arico

    Thankyou so much for the time and care your putiing in to writing the best story you can – it’s definitely paid off so far. You are an amazing author 🙂 . And I definitely can barely wait to see what comes next. Thanks for the update .

  17. billyKnight

    If you all want to take these stories to the next level (night angel and lightbringer) get the graphicaudio audiobooks of brents books. All of them are done and all very much worth the listen. These a.books are so fantastic with multiple actors/actress voicing the art peices. Sound effects and music too! If you have never listened to an audiobook, make these your first. Thwy are fantastic and add a depth you couldn’t experience otherwise. I love them brent! Never stop working with graphicaudio!

  18. Maarten

    As a reader from the Netherlands, dependend on buying your books abroad (mostly) I was wondering when I could go out and try to find book 2. Imagine my surprise and delight when the second book was already out, the third book coming and a fourth book in the planning! And big books too!

  19. Jonathon Barnes

    Hello Mr Weeks,

    Many thanks for your hard work!

    I am an avid fan, but as intensely interested as I am in your next in the Lightbringer series…I for one say, take as long as you need. I expect that the book will be excellent. So enjoy the process, take care of the family and you have at least 40 instant sales from the town where I come from in Australia when its done!

    God bless you and yours mightily!

  20. Paul

    Since reading the prism and now reading the blinding knife, Brent has not let me down cant wait to read the light bringer, brilliant writer

  21. Jay

    I’ve read all of Brent Weeks books so far (The Blinding Knife being the last so far) And I am in love with his writing style. He draws you in and keeps you there itching for more! There hasn’t been any other author I admire more then Mr. Weeks. I hope he comes out with more books soon. Can’t wait for Lightbringer 3. Going to be a spectacular edition to the series! 😀

  22. Robert Guile

    I just hope that scene your describing that will stick with us forever isnt one where your killing off Gavin/Dazen..

    I would cry..

  23. Luke

    Mr Weeks has got it right. Quality over quantity. Great men also find balance between work and family life. By the end of your career I have a feeling your name will be mentioned in the same sentence as the greats such and Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Thanks for your incredible stories and keep up the great work!

  24. michelle

    Just wanted to say thank you for night angel trilogy an lightweight series, can’t wait for 3rd book! Brilliant have recommend to all those I know

  25. Mark

    Sooo… Its no longer 2013 master Weeks. In fact a good portion of 2014 seems to have vanished as well. Any updates on what our Prism friend has been up to over the past year?

  26. Connie

    I just heard of Neil Gaiman (like 3 weeks ago) and started reading one of his books but have read all of yours! I never felt the authors owed me a book at a certain time but I did stop reading Martin’s A Game of Thrones because it took too long between books and that was when Martin was popping them off fairly regularly around book 3: sadly when the show came out I read through the Wikipedia summaries of the books instead of reading the actual books, even though my best friend offered me hers to read.

    Another writer I read an entire series over and over in my teens, then was so excited to buy a ‘sister’ series set few years in future about one of original character’s kids and after the first book in the new series the author died of a heart attack. I was devastated. I have not read the original books since and probably should google but as the fickle reader I am I can’t even remember the authors name. I think the series is called the Fisherman series or something like that (Sci fi): the author’s last name starts with an “F” I think. Now I just feel really guilty. My point being ‘please don’t die!’ or I’ll probably cry for a few days and never read your books again.

  27. Nikolai Tsekov

    For everyone in doubt: try Brandon Sanderson, starting with Mistborn, then Warbreaker and Elantris, moving to the his new (and truly epic) series.

    Too bad right now there is a gap in Sanderson, Brent Weeks and Erikson/Esslemont book series. I’m starving…

    Both Night Angel and Lightbringer books are really good, but the Lightbringer series is on whole another level. Brian Sanderson level or better, if you like.

  28. John Kolacz

    Thank you for the wonderful Birthday present!!!!

  29. casey

    I want to start by saying I love your books however it’s 2015 your last update was 2013 I’m not complaining I obviously want you to work at your own pace because I absolutely do want the best book you can produce in my hand while I’m reading….but how’s about an update


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