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The Burning White

The long-awaited fifth and final installment to Brent Weeks’s New York Times bestselling epic Lightbringer series.

Pre-order now for release on October 22, 2019!

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The Night Angel Trilogy

About Brent Weeks

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In a small-town Montana school at age 12, Brent Weeks met the two great loves of his life. Edgar Allan Poe introduced him to speculative fiction and the power of literature to transcend time and death and loneliness. Fate introduced him to The Girl, Kristi Barnes. He began his pursuit of each immediately.

The novel was a failure. The Girl shot him down.

Skipping the boring parts, since then, Brent has written eight best-selling novels with the Night Angel Trilogy and the Lightbringer Series, won several awards, and sold a few million books.

Brent and his wife Kristi live in Oregon with their two daughters. (Yeah, he married The Girl.)