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The Shopify Store is Open

[trumpet fanfare]

The Brent Weeks Store is officially open for the 2021 season! We are taking orders for books (hardcover copies of THE BLACK PRISM, with the NEW new, perfectly matchy slipcover) and apparel (we’re offering hoodies and tote bags this year!) from November 1-November 30.

Get yours now for delivery in time for the December holidays!

Join the Minion Union

Already a Brent Weeks fan? Become a minion!

Minion Union1 Minion Union2

We’re still a year or two away from having our own internet store, but thanks to Griffin Barber, you can go HERE to get a Minion t-shirt. I would say that wearing this t-shirt will give you special rights and privileges at book signings, but since my minions unionized, I’m not allowed to lie.

(Also, new poll!)