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David Farland’s Nightingale


Author David Wolverton (pen name: David Farland) needs your help. His son Ben was recently in a long-boarding accident, and the Wolverton family does not have medical insurance. His son is in a coma, and to help cover the staggering medical costs, the SFF community is banding together to help. We’d love it if you’d join us. Here are three ways you can help:

1. Purchase Nightingale, one of Dave’s books which he owns full rights to, and will therefore make the most profit possible. (Go HERE.)

2. Use that same Amazon affiliate link the next time or the next few times you shop at Amazon. Even if you buy totally unrelated items, the Wolverton family will make 7-8% on your total purchase. (This won’t change the prices of any of the items you buy, it simply bumps some of Amazon’s profit toward the Wolvertons.)

3. Donate directly and find out more about Ben’s condition HERE.