February Q&R video is live!

After a brief break, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! Show notes below video:

*When I say “November 2018” I really meant February 2019. (Look, friends, I have books to write.)

1. “How do you create a training arc for a character who will eventually become a badass?” – .39

2. “How do you get through writing scenes that are emotionally charged?” – 3.50

3. “When you are writing your books, do you write in public spaces?” -7.18

4. “How long does it take to develop a character? What is your best advice for creating realistic, believable characters?” – 9.07


Also FTR a new poll question is live!

3 thoughts on “February Q&R video is live!

  1. Mark Wood says:

    Thank You for the Q&R videos, they are quite interesting. I really enjoy your Lightbringer series and how the narration is influenced by each character’s perceptions. Besides the great characters and intriguing storyline we get all these little mysteries built in. I find myself wondering about the truth of certain events or statements and what they really mean. It is a unique and enjoyable experience. I wanted to know if you planned to weave so much uncertainty into the story or if it just developed as you wrote. Thanks again.

  2. Bookstooge says:

    Way to have no heart! I approve.
    Especially as that means you will focus on your writing and let the little things (like family, responsibilities, etc) fall by the wayside. Think of your readers 😉

  3. Sabrina Regier says:

    Brent, I appreciate your quirks.

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