Deal on the Night Angel Omnibus at The Signed Page

Hello fellow Night Angel enthusiasts!

I see you.

Yeah, YOU.

You’re laying on your couch, still in your jammies. A plate of leftovers is on the end table next to you. Uncle Fred is visiting, and he has taken over the recliner and the remote, and is shouting at the television while college students run around on a field tossing a ball to each other. Your Grandma is in the kitchen, talking Mom’s ear off, micromanaging her baking and blasting Mannheim Steamroller. You’re lurking on Reddit and sipping a hot toddie.

You opted out of Black Friday, in a silent protest of conspicuous consumption.

You’re so smart, friend.

You’re also cursing a bit of bad luck you’ve run into, where you missed out on a chance to buy a signed copy of the Astonishing, Spectacular, Resplendent, Death-Defying, Super Special, Blacker-Than-Black, 10th Anniversary Hardcover Night Angel Omnibus.


The Signed Page is having a weekend sale on signed copies of the omnibus–Friday through Monday. The guys over at The Signed Page package every order with care, ensuring your book arrives in pristine condition. Quantities are limited, so jump on this deal while you can!

Also, a little heads up: Brent is facing the Mother of All Deadlines in the next two weeks, so you’ll have to put up with me here on the website for a bit. Once he has cleared that hurdle, we have some fun things to share with everyone.

3 thoughts on “Deal on the Night Angel Omnibus at The Signed Page

  1. Gabriel Ward says:

    Hiya, thanks for posting.

    I’d really like to get a signed edition, but, I live in the UK – so the shipping cost is phenomenal; it bumps it up to £100.

    Is there any way I could obtain a signed copy through a UK retailer?

    Thank you in advance

    Mr G Ward

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Gabriel,

      The chances of getting a signed edition from a UK retailer are… Quite slim. And it won’t be anytime soon. Brent didn’t sign copies to send to the UK, and if he had, I expect the added cost of shipping them to retailers would just be passed along to fans. We know it’s a huge bummer for you all.

      We can keep your request in mind, and the next time Brent is in the UK (no current plans to go, but still), we’ll be sure to put signing all of his books on the agenda. That is the best we can do :/

  2. Tom says:

    I’m in the same boat as the other commenter that a single $30 costs $60 to ship to Europe.

    I expect its not so much the fact that its not light, it seems to be because of the single copy being send with 5-10 days shipping.

    Can you run some kickstarter or similar setup where people sign up to get the book (I’d love one, even though I read from an ebook initially!) and after 10 or more people signed up you send it using the cheapest option (probably 6 weeks shipping time) and then some intermediate ships it according to local shipping cost and how much each fan wants to pay.

    Because a 200% shipping cost is just not realistic.

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