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Deal on the Night Angel Omnibus at The Signed Page

Hello fellow Night Angel enthusiasts!

I see you.

Yeah, YOU.

You’re laying on your couch, still in your jammies. A plate of leftovers is on the end table next to you. Uncle Fred is visiting, and he has taken over the recliner and the remote, and is shouting at the television while college students run around on a field tossing a ball to each other. Your Grandma is in the kitchen, talking Mom’s ear off, micromanaging her baking and blasting Mannheim Steamroller. You’re lurking on Reddit and sipping a hot toddie.

You opted out of Black Friday, in a silent protest of conspicuous consumption.

You’re so smart, friend.

You’re also cursing a bit of bad luck you’ve run into, where you missed out on a chance to buy a signed copy of the Astonishing, Spectacular, Resplendent, Death-Defying, Super Special, Blacker-Than-Black, 10th Anniversary Hardcover Night Angel Omnibus.


The Signed Page is having a weekend sale on signed copies of the omnibus–Friday through Monday. The guys over at The Signed Page package every order with care, ensuring your book arrives in pristine condition. Quantities are limited, so jump on this deal while you can!

Also, a little heads up: Brent is facing the Mother of All Deadlines in the next two weeks, so you’ll have to put up with me here on the website for a bit. Once he has cleared that hurdle, we have some fun things to share with everyone.

Good News: The Signed Page has copies of the NAT Hardcover Omnibus

Why the long face, friend?

Is it because Barnes and Noble sold out of their signed copies of the Night Angel 10th Anniversary Omnibus MINUTES before you were going to buy one?

Aww, buddy, don’t fret. We have good news…

After a bit of juggling, we’ve been able to arrange to have THE SIGNED PAGE sell signed copies now! They’ll even ship internationally! (See, we didn’t forget you.)

The Signed Page, Night Angel, Brent Weeks

Also, for a very limited time, you can get your copy personalized! (Please note, Brent isn’t able to write extra lines this time–just a name or two.) A link directly to the NAT pre-order page is HERE… But The Signed Page has an impressive collection of other signed titles, so spend a few minutes, and browse a little.

It’s worth noting that the Signed Page does everything possible to get these books to you in pristine condition. As they state:

“[W]e package our books better than anyone with bubblewrap tucked snugly within strong boxes. Damaged books rarely happen with us. We will also work on getting some goodies to include in the packages too. [Also] as a reminder, The Signed Page does not charge extra for shipping. We charge exactly what USPS charges us to ship.”

Happy reading!

Pre-Order the Graphic Novel — SIGNED!


You can buy a SIGNED copy of The Way of Shadows graphic novel… at cover price from the Signed Page.

That means you can pre-order the book, get it signed for just the cover price (this almost never happens) AND get the pre-order bonuses (the exclusive Way of Shadows graphic novel bookplate — which heck, you can frame as a keepsake since you’ll already have a signed copy!) and the downloadable wallpaper.

There are limited number of copies, so go HERE to order now!

SIGNED Broken Eye Pre-Order

Signed Page

The Broken Eye HC


Shawn Speakman, proprietor of The Signed Page, will once again be offering signed copies of Brent’s latest book as soon after publication as possible. This time, you can order hardcover copy of The Broken Eye  — personalized by Brent, to the person of your choice — for $33.00. The books will be signed on August 30, 2014, and then shipped as soon as possible.

If you’d like to order one now, go HERE.