Hey Polish Fans!

Over at Kawerna.pl, Brent’s got a new interview live. Go HERE to read more!

And for you English speakers… here’s a Google translate link. (Or three. It’s a long interview! But now you know what the rest of the world feels like when they go to a U.S. site!)

3 thoughts on “Hey Polish Fans!

  1. Robin Yureck says:

    For me at least, the first two links for the interview brings up a blank text box for Google translate. FYI.

    Best, your loyal servant

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Robin! I checked the links in Google Chrome and in Safari (desktop and mobile). I’m thinking it may be an internet browser issue?

      1. Robin Yureck says:

        Probably, i’m on at work (Shh… don’t tell) and i’m pretty sure we are the only beings on the planet keeping internet explorer alive.

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