Spotlight Deal: The Black Prism on Nook for $2.99

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Blood Mirror, Barnes & Noble is offering The Black Prism for just $2.99 on Nook, from now until September 23!


Click HERE to purchase.


5 thoughts on “Spotlight Deal: The Black Prism on Nook for $2.99

  1. Jared Stonecypher says:

    Hello Capslock and Brent Weeks! I wasn’t sure if you saw my question back in Page 9 about whether or not you still had new Black Prism dust jackets? I already have the matching Blinding Knife and Broken Eye hardback editions. I would really like to purchase the signed Black Prism edition from your website if there’s still a matching Black Prism dust jacket that can come with it. Any chance? Please help! Also, can’t wait for Oct 25th! My signed copy of Blood Mirror is already preordered!

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Jared,

      We do indeed still have the new dust jackets for The Black Prism, included with all orders of the hardcover from our webstore. Thanks for asking!

      Here’s the link to order:

      1. Jared Stonecypher says:

        Hurray!! Happy Birthday to me! I’ve been anxiously checking for your response here every few hours, fearing that you know longer had them. I will order my copy this evening. Thanks for everything you guys do! Hopefully I’ll get to meet you guys some day if one of your boon tours comes near Kansas City =)

  2. Kamal Eldood says:

    When you save 0.00$ you know its a good deal.

    1. brent says:

      Yeah, they mislabeled that, didn’t they? It IS actually a discount from their normal price.

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