Authors Give Advice to Younger Selves

suvudu-logoOver at Suvudu, Shawn Speakman has gathered advice from numerous authors — advice that they’d give to their younger selves, if they could. Brent shared a few thoughts, and contributors include Kevin Hearne, Robin Hobb, Kelley Armstrong and others! Go HERE to check it out.

Additionally, Shawn has signed copies of The Broken Eye 40% off the original asking price! (It’s now just $20 for an author-signed copy, rather than $33.) Go HERE to get yours!

One thought on “Authors Give Advice to Younger Selves

  1. Darakna says:

    seriously? You didn’t know Kage means shadow? And I was all like: wow, this guy really did his research! So impressed!

    Coz I often go on google or wikipedia and just research and I’ve got all these notes I will probably never use, but it’s fun to collect. And of course I know Kage from the times when I watched that Naruto anime and manga. Awesome, I’m not the only weird one wasting my time researching stuff, and he actually makes it useful!

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