Broken Eye Excerpts On Wattpad


UPDATE: Chapters 1-9 are now available HERE!

In the lead up to publication of The Broken Eye, we’ll be releasing the first 50 pages (chapters 1-9!) on Wattpad. (Wattpad is a writing community where users can post articles, stories, poems and includes work by both published and new writers.)

The first five chapters of The Broken Eye are available today. More chapters will be released over the next few days. Go HERE to follow Brent’s Wattpad account and read the excerpts.

3 thoughts on “Broken Eye Excerpts On Wattpad

  1. Debonair06 says:

    I’ve read the first 5 and I’m liking liking it!!! Can’t wait until the 26th!!!

  2. Saint Nick says:

    Finally, something to sate my hunger for The Broken Eye. Even just going off these few chapters, this could be your best work yet. Just to let you know, in chapter five you misspelled laconic as lacunic.

  3. Chris G says:

    Good grief will the book get here already! I shouldn’t have read them but I did it anyways. Oh well :s Can’t go back now. This will be all I think I about for the next few weeks. I better plan a whole day devoted to reading The Broken Eye since all the others I read straight through in one sitting(a few hours late into the night, roughly 2 or 3 am.)

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